• Paper Slide Videos

    Paper slide videos are one-take, non-stop videos made by using paper slides and narration to answer a question, retell a story, or explain a concept. They are meant to be "low-tech" as far as skill but high on the bloom's taxonomy. This is a great way to integrate technology into your classroom if you are new to the world of tech! Also, it is a great time saving strategy in lieu of a formal video presentation with Moviemaker or iMovie.  
    The following video shows high school math students demonstrating the rules of exponents:
    Link to more videos:


    1. One Take: Students should create their storyboard and practice first! They only get one shot to record.
    2. Non-Stop Video: Once the camera starts, it does not stop. Students need to be ready and well-rehearsed.
    3. No Editing: Speeds up the process, no trimming or fancy transitions.
    4. Quick Publishing: Once video is completed, share with others - classroom, computer, and www. Embed the video in canvas or a website.


    1. Use 6 slides including and introduction with members' first names.
    2. Use minimal text, instead illustrate--WITH COLOR!
    3. All group members contribute both illustrating and narrating.
    4. Keep video under 2 minutes. 
Last Modified on December 10, 2015