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  • Heading home

    Posted by Tonya Williams at 11/18/2015 8:00:00 AM

    I am currently flying over Russia on my way HOME!!! I have truly enjoyed this trip and will never forget my experience here in China.  The people of China were very welcoming and treated all of us principals extremely well.  As far away China may be from Harrisburg, NC, we have so many similarities when it comes to wanting the best for our students.  The teachers in China truly love their jobs and their students.  The students love learning new things (especially English).  

    This trip has been one that I will cherish forever!  We now have a "sister school" in China that we can continue to partner with to learn about our different cultures.  I truly hope our school will reach out with Shapingba Primary to start to build this on this new relationship.

    I can't wait to see you all on Friday and look forward to sharing more about my trip with you in the near future.

    Good bye from somewhere HIGH in the sky!! 

    Mrs. Williams and Stinger


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  • Busy 24 hours

    Posted by Tonya Williams at 11/16/2015 9:00:00 AM

    Whew... it has been a busy 24 hours!!! Stinger and I finished our visit in Chongqing by visiting Ciqikou, a famous historical town, had the famous "Hot Pot" for dinner, visited the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China!  This has definitely been a wonderful trip with once in a lifetime experiences. I will say, the Hot Pot is NOT for me but so many people in Chongqing LOVE it (ask Ms. Wu about the Hot Pot- it is a favorite of hers).  

    We ended our time in Chongqing by signing an agreement to be a "sister school" to Shapingba Primary School.  I look forward to all of us working with the teachers and students in this school to learn about our schools and culture!

    The Forbidden City and the Great Wall were so unbelievable.  It is so hard to believe both of these very famous places have existed for so long.  The Great Wall just about "did me in". BOY those steps are steep!!  Mrs. Williams needs to start exercising for sure :-) 

    I am missing you all so much and hope to Skype with some of you in just a few minutes.  See you all on Friday.  


    **Going to get Mrs. Eason to post some pictures from today for me since internet is slow""

    signing the formal agreement with out sister school   i

    chopsticks! dragon


    q stinger and I

    u m z m

    Great Wall I made it to the Great Wall!

    l Stinger made it to the Great Wall

    sun through the smog

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  • Photos from Chongqing Shapingba Primary School

    Posted by Krista Eason at 11/14/2015












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  • Chongqing Shapingba Primary School

    Posted by Krista Eason at 11/14/2015

    Today we spent the entire day Chongqing Shapingba Primary School.  We were welcomed by several wonderful students that gave us a proud tour of their school.  There are approximately 2,000 students and 161 staff members at this very large school.  The students were very excited to speak to us using the English they have learned.   They speak English VERY well.  Every Yellow Jacket need to really listen in Ms. Wu’s class so you will be able to speak fluent Mandarin like the students today can speak fluent English! :-)  

    We watched several lessons taught today, one including a second grade math class.  The second graders were learning fact families and multiplication.  Some of the ways we teach our students math are the exact same ways they taught this skill.  

    For lunch, several students and the cafeteria staff taught me how to make Wanton’s, Dumplings and Rice Balls.  We made our own lunch and it was very good!  

    The students performed a special program for us during the day which showcased their individual talents.  This show was amazing!!  

    Stinger and I did get to play with the students during recess.  The “Spinning Wheel” is a lot of fun but VERY difficult to do.

    We ended our visit at Shapingba by being interviewed by a local TV station.  They were asking us what our schools were like in Harrisburg.  The students and families in China are very interested in what we do in the USA like we are of them.  

    The host school took us to a very special dinner tonight in a home that was built several 1,000 years ago.  We were also treated to a special Tea Ceremony were we learned about the history of Tea in China.   

    It has been a very long day but one that I will not forget!! The students and staff at Shapingba were very welcoming and are eager to partner with our school in Harrisburg!  We will hopefully be doing many special things to come with this wonderful school!

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  • Visiting Two Schools in Chongqing

    Posted by Krista Eason at 11/12/2015

    stinger   stinger   stinger  red scarves  Ms. Williams  writing    classroom   classroom studying  students sign


    Today Stinger and I visited two schools in Chongqing, a “middle” school (grades 7-12) and a “primary” school (grades K-6).  Both schools are extremely large and very welcoming to us from the USA. The middle school has 10,000 students and 600 teachers!! The primary school has around 2,000 students with 160 teachers.  The classes at both schools were very large with around 44 student in a 3rd grade science class!  At the middle school, the student day is from 7:00- 10:00pm with a 2 hour lunch/nap break in the day.  In the primary school, students go from 7am to 4-4:30 (depending their age).  At the primary school, students taught me how to write words in Chinese to tell a story.  Stinger and I will be spending all day tomorrow at a different primary school and we can’t wait to share what we learn. 

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  • It was a really LONG flight, but I am here in China

    Posted by Krista Eason at 11/10/2015

    stinger in the Chinese airport Our Welcome!

    Hi Everyone,

    Can you tell I am happy to be off the plane and safely in China? I had trouble posting to our webpage from here, so Ms. Eason is helping me out!  It is now 9:37 at night here, so I will be heading to bed.  I plan to share more pictures and post tomorrow!

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  • Taking Flight!

    Posted by Tonya Williams at 11/9/2015 5:00:00 PM

    Hello Yellow Jackets!  We are currently flying over Canada toward Beijing.  Stinger and I have spent most of the day waiting on our two flights.  We hope to arrive in Beijing around 5:30pm on Tuesday, November 10th (4:30 am for Harrisburg).  I look forward to seeing your posts and will be sending pictures and telling you about our adventure!!


    ** Unable to load pictures during flight, will soon**


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  • Stinger is Getting Ready to go to China!!

    Posted by Tonya Williams at 11/4/2015 12:30:00 PM

    Good morning HES!! 


    As you now have heard, Stinger and I will be traveling to China on Monday, November 9th.   We are busy packing our bags and making sure we have everything ready for our big adventure.  I will be posting updates about our trip on this blog throughout our stay.  I also hope to post many pictures and possibly Skype in to Harrisburg to say hello to you all from the Great Wall of China!! We will miss you all and plan to keep you informed of all that we learn while visiting China!  See you soon Yellow Jackets!


    Mrs. Williams and Stinger


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