What are we studying?

    • Place value to 120
    • Reading/writing numbers to 120
    • Building numbers to 120 using different strategies (10 frames, tally marks, hundred board, number lines, drawing pictures, number words)
    • Comparing numbers using < > =

    Begin addition word problems.  Strategies for solving word problems. Add and subtract within 20.  

    Language Arts

    Readers Workshop

    • Nonfiction text
    • Key features of nonficton texts (glossary, index, pictures, captions, table of contents, labels, websites, headings, photos, credits, diagrams)
    • Learn different strategies to read unknown words in nonfiction
    • Retell a story using first, next, then, and last
    • Identifying and describing the text features
    • Identifying a nonfiction topic to research

    Writers Workshop

    • Writing a nonfiction piece (how to books, etc.)
    • Staying on topic
    • Adding more details
    • Readable handwriting
    Using finger spaces, punctuation, and capital letters correctly
    First Grade would like for each child to work on Dreambox for 40 minutes each week. Students should work on this independently.  If they do not understand something it is OKAY, the program will stop them and reteach the topic to your child.
    Nov. 3rd- No School
    Nov. 4th- Report Cards
    Nov. 11th- No School
    Nov. 25th-27th- No School- Thanksgiving
    Please don't forget our PTA!  Thanks to those who have already joined our PTA. The PTA's vision for the 2015-2016 school year is "Making every WR Odell Elementary student's potential a reality."  If you haven't already, please join PTA and make this vision a reality!  PTA exists because of the wonderful support of its members.
    Our school lunch time is 12:25-12:55. 
    Students should be at school on time.  After 8:15 they will be counted tardy or absence.  This excludes bus riders.
Last Modified on October 29, 2015