Frequently Asked Questions
    Who can apply to the Academy?

       All rising freshmen in Cabarrus County that have an interest in the field of healthcare may apply.

    What is the benefit of enrolling in the Academy?

       In addition to the curriculum's heavy focus on college and career-readiness, several of America’s top companies have committed to NAFTrack Certified Hiring, a promise to give special consideration to high school graduates who have earned the NAFTrack Certification.

    Will my student still be able to enroll in AP/Honors classes while in the Academy?

       Yes. Academy students will still have opportunities to enroll in a myriad of rigorous courses including those designated as AP or Honors. 

    Will my student be able to take other electives?

       Yes. Because only 5 Academy courses are required in four years, students will still be able to enroll in many other elective courses.

    Is the Academy more difficult than the traditional high school model?

       While the rigor of Academy classes may be difficult, Academy students will learn pertinent skills that are transferable to most any career choice.

    Are there conflicts with athletics/clubs?

       No. Being a student in the Academy does not require extra time or commitment after the traditional school day. 

    Is bus transportation available for out of zone students in the Academy?

      No.  Only in zone students would have provided bus transportation.  Out of zone students would have to provide their own.