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    This Week We Will Be Learning


    ELA:  Main Idea and Key Details


    Writing: Sharing All About Books


    Letterland:  Reviewing Long and Short Vowels


    Math:  Playing Math Games


    Social Studies: The First Thanksgiving




    Istation Reading & iReady Math

    Reminder: Students should be doing 20 minutes of Istation Reading Mondays and Wednesdays and 20 minutes of iReady Math Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Your child should be logging in through Clever.  If your child comes to school during the week, they will complete their Istation and iReady time while they are at school.


    In Istation, your child should be working from left to right across the screen.  Assignments should be locked and they cannot click on that. 




    Your child should be logging in to Seesaw through Clever.  Please be sure to check over your child’s Seesaw notifications.  If I send an assignment back, it will show up in your child’s Activities tab.  Be sure to read/listen to the comment to know what your child needs to correct.





    The student checklist for the week of November 23rd is attached.  Please use this to help navigate the week.  


    Small Groups

    No Small Groups this week!!


    Materials/Supplies Needed for Next Week

    Please be sure the items listed below are ready beside your child’s computer.

    1. Day (Writing) Book (Marble Composition Notebook)
    2. Sharpened Pencil


    Disguise Tom Turkey

    I have assigned a fun OPTIONAL activity for the month of November.  On Seesaw, there is an activity assigned called “Disguise Tom Turkey.”  You can listen to 2 fun turkey books about a turkey hiding from Thanksgiving.  The directions are to disguise your turkey from being served for Thanksgiving.  You can use the Seesaw activity for planning what you want your turkey to look like.  On Friday, November 13th with the supply pickup, there was a hard copy of the turkey that you can use to decorate to disguise.  This activity is totally optional and is not required.  Be creative and have fun!



     PTO Holiday Gift Shop


    This year’s holiday gift shop is virtual.  The weeks of November 23 and November 30 students will be able to shop online.  Gifts can be picked up from school or delivered.  The flyer is attached. 



    All About Books

    ​Your child should have completed their All About Book.  They need to go to Flipgrid (link below) and record themselves sharing it with the class.  This is how I will be grading their Nonfiction writing for this quarter. Their password is their initials in lowercase (ex:  Jennifer Perry - jp).  This needs to be completed by Monday afternoon so I have time to grade them for Progress Reports.  The checklist for their book is on today's Canvas.

    Check out this Flipgrid!

    Progress Reports
    ​Progress Reports will be found in the Google folder that I shared with you on November 4th for Report Cards. I will have them uploaded by 5 pm.   If you do not still have that link, please let me know and I can resend it to you.  If your child took their November ISIP then that report will be in that folder too.
    Technical Issues
    We have been having a lot of technical issues (i.e. cameras not working, can't see teacher's screen, getting kicked off, etc...).  Some of these difficulties may be prevented if you make sure your child shuts their computer down all the way each night and charges their computer.  
    Pajama Day
    ​Monday will be Pajama Day! This is a class reward for earning 500 Dojo class points. Students can wear their pajamas to class at school and remotely. 🙌
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