• Favorite
    Mrs. Steiner
    Birthday:  August 16th 
     Favorite Places to Eat:  Jimmy John's
    Favorite Places To Shop:  Target, Home Goods, Kohl's
     Favorite Drinks:  Coke Zero
    Favorite Scents:  Vanilla
    Favorite Candy / Snacks:  Peanut Butter M & Ms, Twix, Snickers
    Favorite Color(s):  Bright Green
    Favorite Hobbies/Collections:  Reading, Scrapbooking, Listening to music
    Favorite Place To Be:  The beach
    Favorite Office Supply:  Pens
    Favorite Holiday:  Halloween
    Mrs. Kolibas
     Birthday:  October 30th
    Favorite Places To Eat:  Chick Fil A, PDQ, Panera, Jersey Mike's, Carrabba's
    Favorite Places To Shop:  Walmart, Target, Home Goods, Kirkland's
    Favorite Drinks:  Any kind of Orange Soda
    Favorite Scents:  Japanese Cherry Blossom From Bath & Body Works
    Favorite Candy / Snacks:  Hershey's or Dove Chocolate, Twix, Swedish Fish, Gummi Bears
    Favorite Color(s):  Purple
    Favorite Hobbies/Collections:  Puzzles
    Favorite Place To Be:  Beach
    Favorite Office Supply:  Post-its
    Favorite Holiday:  Christmas
Last Modified on August 16, 2020