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    Halloween Tombstone Project!
    Project Goal: Students will create individual tombstones marking the lives and achievements of leading scientists and innovators in Biology. Together, these tombstones will form a classroom graveyard.
    Instructions: You will choose a scientist or innovator that has made a contribution to the field of Biology (something related to the subjects we have/are going to cover in class). Then you will create an aesthetically pleasing (nice-looking) tombstone complete with the following information (written correctly):
    • Name of scientist/innovator (GOOGLE FORM TO SELECT A SCIENTIST)
    • Nationality/Birthplace 
    • Date of birth 
    • Date of death 
    • At least three facts about her/his achievements 
      • These can include discoveries, inventions, awards, or achievements as related to the field of Biology. 
    •  Epitaph (a brief piece of prose commemorating the deceased; can be a single sentence) 
    •  Illustrations/Pictures of both the scientist and at least 2 images of their work. 
    • **Must include 2 references/websites for collected information on the back of your tombstone** 
    Tombstone Requirements:
    • Must be on thick poster board (not the paper version that will curl)
    • Writing should be legible 
    • Spelling and grammar will be graded
    • Illustrations/Pictures must be in color
    • Size - must be at least as large as examples shown in class
    • Must be decorated in a way that is inspired by the scientist being covered
    • You may buy decorations but not a prefab tombstone
    • Scientist must be picked and approved by teacher by October 12th 
      • Your scientist must be unique (approval will be on a first come first served basis) and can either be dead or still living
    • Tombstone must be turned in at the beginning of class on October 19st 
      • Everyday it is late after that will deduct 10 points and it will not be accepted after the 26th
     This will count as a QUIZ GRADE! Failing to turn in this assignment will be like skipping a test! You won't have any time scheduled in class to work on this project - everything should be done at home.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!!!
     Grading Rubric  Points Available
     Name of Scientist  3
     Nationality/Birthplace  3
     Date of Birth   2
     Date of Death   2
     Facts   30
     Epitaph  10
     Illustrations/Pictures  15
     Aesthetically quality 10
     Design fits in with theme of work  15
     Spelling and Grammar  5
     References 5
     TOTAL  100
     Pictures from last year (some of these don't fit the requirements above because I changed it up this year so please follow those and don't simply go from what you see below!):
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