• This Week in Mrs. Sullivan's Class


    *Please remember to log in for your small group times each week.  This is an important time for your kids to learn things in a smaller group with the teacher!  

     *Please don’t forget to access each day's assignments on our canvas page.  Make sure to check what the canvas page says to do before you go to Seesaw! 😊

    *Please have your child log in to complete iStation and iReady for a 15 mins each day.  (iStation Monday and Wednesday on and iReady on Tuesday and Thursday.)  Face to face students will complete iStation or iReady at school on their perspective days, so they only need to do the one that is assigned when they are at home.  


    What are we learning?

    *Reading- We are learning strategies to help us become better readers!  This week we will continue by learning a few more "super powers" so that we can become "super readers". These powers work directly with our Letterland program to help us decode words and give us extra strategies in our pockets to learn to read.  We will learn fix it up power and reread power.  We will also learn not to read like a robot and that our voices match the characters' feelings and emotion from the story.

    *Letterland- This week we will be learning about Oscar Orange (letter O short sound) and Mr. O (letter 0 long sound). We will learn the sound that each letter makes, the action trick to go with the letter, and how to write the letter.  We will also have another segmenting lesson this week.

    *Math- This week we will start our unit on comparing numbers.  We will compare sets that are greater than another set, less than another set, and equal to another set and learn these vocabulary words.  

    *Science- We will be continuing our first Science unit.  This unit is on force and motion.  This week we will study positional words and what they mean.  (These words include before, after, under, over, in, beside, on, below, etc).

    *Sight Words we have learned- to, the, a, be, I, see, in, it, and, is, are, you, for, he, on, his, look, not

    *Letters we have learned- c, a (long and short sound), d, h, m, t, s, i (long and short sound), n, g, o (long and short sound)

    *We are learning to blend sounds together to make words with the letters that we have learned using the roller coaster method.

    *We are learning to segment sounds to hear each letter sound in a simple word.

    Dates to remember:

    *Don’t forget that you can borrow media books this year.  Pick up for your preselected books will be Fridays from 9-11 in the car rider line for “curbside pickup!”   Please select your books in advance by Monday to give the media center some time to pull them before they are ready for pick up.  Please return your books on Monday in order to pick up new ones on Fridays.

    Nov 24- Progress Reports go home electronically- Check your link to the google folder!

    Nov 25-27- Thanksgiving Holidays- No school

    Things to be practicing at home: 

    *Tying shoes, ZIPPING COATS, Turning Coats right side out (as it gets colder this is very important!!)

    *Counting to 100 by 1's and 10's

    *Letters and sounds- We have briefly learned each letter and are now going in depth through each letter.

    *Reading books!!!!!!! 

    *Practice writing 0-10 the correct way at home!

    *Writing name in upper and lowercase letters

    *Learn their birthday

    *Opening snack and lunch items alone*

    *Recognize numbers 1-20

    *Pack and unpack backpack alone*


    Here is a link to my amazon wish list and book list if you have the desire to help.  Thanks so much to all that have already bought things from the wish list.  I really appreciate your generosity!  We are already putting things to use! 😊.

    Amazon Wish List

    CMES Comet Spirit Rock:  The Comet Rock can be used to celebrate birthdays, milestones and send inspiring messages!

    Want to paint our spirit rock for your child’s birthday?  Here is the link:  

    Spirit Rock

    Our invest in your child campaign is in full swing!  Please consider donating to this wonderful cause.  All of the money goes directly to the school and is given to teachers and to other parts of the school to improve the learning environment for your kids! Here is a link to a video about this campaign.  

     Invest in your child

Last Modified on November 13, 2020