• What are we learning?

    *Reading-   We will continue to make predictions about texts, wonder about texts, and make connections with the texts to our lives.  This week we will look at the book Hey Little Ant to go along with our Writing unit.  We will also look at the book Guide Dogs and What if you had Animal Feet.

    *Letterland-   This week we will continue to learn about vowels by learning about the vowel stealer letter r.  We will look at what happens to the vowel when the letter R follows the vowel in words with ar, or, er, ur, and ir

    *Math-   As we continue in our place value unit we will continue to learn about teen numbers.  This week we will focus showing teen numbers in multiple ways to prepare for our end of unit assessment. 

    *Science/Social StudiesThis week in Social Studies we will continue our last unit on what is aliveThis week we will look at characteristics of living and nonliving things and see how they are alike and how they are different.

    *Writing-  In this unit the children will learn to voice their opinions about things and state their reasons why by using the word because.  This week we will be looking at the book Hey Little Ant.  We will ask the question,  “Should the boy squish or save the ant?”

    We will continue to focus on writing letters correctly and writing on lined paper correctly!  Please practice at home too!

    Sight words we have learned: I, by, am, do, a, to, see, it, go, in, me, play, can, not, like, big, is, come, no, all, we, he, have, at, oh, on, said, was, the, here, up, down, an, went, get, will, our, us, and, for, day, look, what, my, put, are, yes, of, some, has, your, her, that, you, with, from, where, been, how they, there, away, does, could, if

    Sound spellings we have learned: -ch, -th (voiced and unvoiced), -sh, -ing, -ou/-ow, -ar, -or, -ir, -er, -ur, -oo, -ck, -ng, -ce/-ci/-cy, -oy/-oi, -aw, -al/-all, -ew, -wh, -y (/y/, /i/, /e/), ph

    Word Families we have learned: -an, -en, -at, -ap, -ig, -op, -et, -ed, -un, -ug, -un, -am, -ag, -ot, -in, -ip, -it, -og

    Dates to remember:

    Each Friday is spirit day!  Wear your Cox Mill t-shirt on Friday’s this year!

    May 30- No School- Memorial Day Holiday

    May 31- Kindergarten Skate night at Frye’s Roller Rink.  6-8pm

    June 8- End of year celebration for Kindergarten (more details to come- students only to keep down on the number of adults in the building)

    June 9- Last Day of School, ½ Day for students, Report cards ready for the 4th quarter in their google folder.

Last Modified on May 22, 2022