• What are we learning?
    *Reading - This week in Reading we continue in Unit 2.  This week we will focus on asking and answering questions about a text based on the title, pictures, and words.  The children will understand the importance of how thinking and wondering about a text increases our knowledge about the text.
    *Letterland-   This week we will continue to focus on pairs of letters and what sounds they make.  The children will be introduced to TH and CH this week.  We will also review CK, NG, and SH. We will continue to segment words to listen for the sounds that we hear in the beginning, middle and end of a word.  The children will learn the letters, songs, story, action trick and much more! 
    *Math - We will begin Unit 4 this week.  Unit 4 explores geometry.  The children will learn about both 2D and 3D shapes. They will learn to name several shapes, describe the shapes based on number of corners and sides, and understand the differences between the different shapes as well as 2D versus 3D.  This unit will be a very hands-on unit to help the children see the shapes as they learn about them. This week we will introduce shapes, learn the difference between a 2D and 3D shape and learn about cubes and cones.
    *Science/Social Studies - We are continuing our unit on force and motion this week. In this unit the children will understand the positions and motions of objects and organisms observed in the environment.  We will continue to learn how movement impacts the word around us.  We will continue to look at positional words to describe movement.  This week we will look at a book called Move! where we can learn about how animals move and about their positions, too.
    *Writing - This week we will continue in Unit 2 in writing. In unit 2 we are “Zooming in” to a small moment that happened in their lives to tell a story about that moment in time.  This week we will focus on how we can make our writing clearer to our readers, how we can go back to a story and add more, and how we can use our knowledge from Letterland to spell words correctly!  We will continue to focus on writing letters correctly!  Please practice at home too!
    *Practice sight words at home!  And practice roller coastering our new words that were sent home before Thanksgiving Break!Letters we have learned: C, A (both short and long), D, H, M, T, S, I (both short and long), N, G, O (both long and short), P, E (both short and long), U (both short and long), K.Sight words we have learned: I, by, am, do, a, to, see, it, go, in, me, play, can, not, like, big, is, come, no, all, we, he, have, at, oh, on, said, was Sound spellings we have learned: -ch, -th (voiced and unvoiced), -sh, -ing, -ou/ow, -ar, -or, -ir, -er, -ur, -oo, -ck, -ng
    Dates to remember:
    Each Friday is spirit day!  Wear your Cox Mill t-shirt on Friday’s this year!
    January 4- First Day back to school!
    January 14- End of 2nd Nine Weeks
    January 17- No School MLK holiday
    January 18- No School- Teacher workday
    January 25- Skate Night at Frye’s roller rink- 6-8:30 (see PTO email for more info)
    January 30- Charlotte Hornets game- Clippers vs Hornets- 1pm (see PTO email for more info)
    February 2- Report Cards
    February 21- No School President’s Day- Teacher workday
    February 23- 3rd Quarter Progress ReportsPlease contact me with any questions!
Last Modified on January 3, 2022