Week of March 14, 2021

  • SEL learning

    We are appreciating the  lessons about our children with dissabilities.  

    This week I will administer the iStation assessment.  Your child's name is listed on our daily checklist in Canvan.  I have decided not to test on Monday.  We will test Tuesday - Thursday after our morning sessions. Students will be given a 10-minute break and then we will get started.  Students are not to do this without my supervision so please let them know they have to stay with me and not sign out of Teams on their day. 
    Adult Assistance
    There is a fine line we all walk between assisting students in a way that is constructive and helping in a way that is not productive for the child.  What I am trying to tell you is that students learn best when we allow them to struggle through their work and not give them the easy way out by telling them answers.  How can you help your child?  You can help them with their work by providing the resources they need.  If they do not know the answer to a social studies questions, you can give them a book or find something online and then back off and let them do the work.  Ask them questions to help them think through the problem but not just tell them the answer. I do not expect every word to be spelled correctly at this age.   Making mistakes is how we grow and learn.  Every invention went through a cycle of failures before it worked.  Can you be a tutor for your child?  Most certainly you can.  You can assist with materials, model how to do something without doing it for them, do flash cards and play the learning games with them and asking questions of them to help lead to the answers but never just outright telling them the answer and thinking they just learned that concept.  I am counting on you to let them struggle.  If you have any questions about what I am attempting to get across, please don't hesitate to ask me.  
    As we continue to feel our way through the online learning process, I am having to make certain adjustments. One is to have students say their name and my name when I call on them.  This will help me to identify who is speaking to me.  For example, if I say, Maddox, he should say "Maddox Mrs. White."  That way I can tell where he is and who is speaking.  I think that will work.  We will try that.
    Also, all cameras need to be on unless you are telling them to turn it off for a minute because something is happening in the background that will be a distraction to the rest of the class.  I know things happen.  I do not want the kids to have their camera off and you do not know that is happening.  I can tell when a child is reading a book or playing with something during class.  We must protect every minute when we are together.  It's the same way when we are in the building.