P.E. Participation, Uniforms, and Lockers


    Students are expected to participate in physical education classes unless prohibited for medical reasons. These reasons must be confirmed through a physician's written statement. Parent medical excuses are accepted for two days only, and a note must be written for each day. A doctor's excuse is required if a student will miss more than two days of physical education classes.


    School physical education uniforms are not required but highly encouraged. Uniforms can be purchased through the PE department for $20.00. The student may choose to wear a comparable grey t-shirt and navy blue shorts instead of purchasing a uniform from the school. Athletic shoes and socks are required. Students may not use the clothes they are wearing for the day as their gym clothes. Students are not allowed to wear jewelry during the PE class and are advised to leave expensive jewelry and electronic devices at home. Additional written information will be given to students on the first day of PE class.


    All students will be issued lockers in the locker room area and are not allowed to share lockers. Students are required to bring a separate combination lock to put on their P.E. lockers. No gum or candy is allowed in the gymnasium or auxiliary gymnasium at any time.

Last Modified on July 21, 2022