• These are a few of my favorite things
    Birthday:  August 30
    Morning beverage:  Coffee from home or Protein shake (No Starbucks)
    Candy bar:  Quest Protein bars  (I do not eat candy)
    Breakfast food:  eggs and spinach, Greek yogurt,  or Quest bar
    Lunch food:  veggies and hummus; vegetarian soup;  Greek yogurt
    Sweet treat:  Cinnamon roasted almonds or Greek Yogurt with Granola
    Favorite flowers:  Plants
    Favorite colors:  yellow, brown, blue
    Favorite office supplies:   Pilot G2 pens (various colors), Flair pens, and stickers
    Favorite activity to do outside of work:  Run and BurnBootcamp
    Favorite store:  Old Navy or Belk for clothing.  Academy Sports, Dick's, or Burn Bootcamp-Concord for workout gear.    Target, WalMart, TeacherPayTeacher, Amazon for school items.
    Favorite holiday:  All of them
    Favorite restaurants:  Viva Chicken, Jason's Deli;  Clean Juice;  Carrabba's;  E Noodles; Olive Garden
    Favorite sport team:  Ohio State Buckeyes and South Carolina Gamecocks and, of course, Carolina Panthers
    Hobby:  Going for runs (5ks) and Burn Bootcamp 
    I do NOT go to Panera or Starbucks, and I do NOT eat ANY sweets/candy.  I am also a vegetarian.    Thank you!
Last Modified on August 2, 2022