• Good afternoon Parents,

    I wanted to take a minute to update you on what we have heard as far as sending out additional resources and how teachers are preparing.  Thursday and Friday we will have webinars that will focus on what resources and platform delivery method to send out to parents.  I personally have created an email containing learning opportunities in math that will focus on multiplying fractions by whole numbers, converting fractions to decimals, how to write and say decimals and ordering decimals.  As soon as I get the "green light" I will send this out to everyone.  For now, please use this time to complete the extended learning choice board and do some fun science experiments with your student. 

    Please look at the links provided under Interesting Resources on my Webpage for resources to use while at home. 

    Take Care and know that our county continues to work tirelessly to provide the best learning opportunities for students.  I can truly say, I miss everyone of them and can not WAIT til things get back to normal.  Even though I am not a huger, please give them a hug from Mrs. Kimrey and let them know how much I miss them!


    Standards covered in the coming weeks.

    4.NF.3 - Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

    4.NF.4 - Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers by Whole Numbers

    4.MD.1 - Interpreting Line Plots

    4.NF.5 - Adding Fractional Parts.  Example -  3/10 + 5/100 = 53/100

    4.NF.6 - Use models to show decimals.  Read decimals and write fractions in the form of a decimal. 

    4.NF.7 - Adding and Subtracting Decimals