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    What We Are Learning...

    (Cabarrus County Schools)

    Reading:  Unit 2

    Title: Getting to Know Characters and Their Stories: Essential Skills and Strategies for Reading Fiction

    ~Students will know:

    • Characters can have different responses to events throughout the story.
    • Characters can change throughout a story.
    • Characters have a point of view (perspective).
    • Readers use strategies to help them understand the story when the text is difficult.
    • Events in the story lead to the plot.
    • The setting of a story helps build understanding of text.



    Math:  Unit  2

    Title: Adding and Subtracting within 100

    ~Students will know:

    Students will know:

    • When using a number line that the distance between the numbers is what is being “counted” (Iteration), rather than the tick marks.
    • How to engage in one-step word problems of all types with a particular focus on Add to/Take from-Start Unknown; Compare-Bigger Unknown, Compare-Smaller Unknown.
    • Skip counting strategies.
    • Addition can mean combine, join, put together, count on, and add to.
    • Subtraction can mean take apart, remove, count back, take from, and compare.
    • Equations are number sentences.
    • Symbols can represent unknown parts of an equation.
    • Word problems can have unknowns in all positions.
    • Multiple strategies to solve word problems with the unknown in all positions (by the end of 2nd Grade).
    • Sum is the total of two numbers added together.
    • When you subtract two numbers the answer is called the “difference.”


Last Modified on October 6, 2019