• Absences


    If a student is absent, they are responsible for completing any missed assignments.  This might involve having to work on it at home.




    Throughout the year, we might be in need of items for our classroom. 

    Any donations of the items below would be greatly appreciated:


    Pencils        Glue Sticks       Tissues        Coffee Filters       Hand Sanitizer




    Students will be responsible for keeping their notes, independent practice and reflections in their AIG notebook. 

    This notebook is primarily kept in the AIG classroom. 

    However, if you would like to see the work that your child is doing in AIG, please feel free to come visit by scheduling an appointment.





    Assignments will be graded based on rubrics that are shared with the students at the beginning of the unit.

    Your child will receive an AIG report card at the end of each semester. 


    Behavior Expectations


     There are three simple expectations for my students:


    I am SAFE.




    AIG students are expected to use good judgment in order to maintain a safe environment. They need to not only respect their classmates, and themselves, but me as well.  As we discover curriculum on a deeper level through these units, students will need to arrive on time and be prepared for class.