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Scholarship Basics

  • Scholarships are one way that students can pay for college.  There are many different types of scholarships with varied criteria. Unlike student loans, scholarship money does not typically have to be paid back.  Researching and applying for scholarships can feel like a part-time job.  When researching scholarships, students should utilize many sources for scholarship information.  
    • Merit (academic achievement, GPA, class rank, test scores etc.)
    • Need (family financial situation)
    • Talent (athletic ability, artistic talent, etc.)
    • Affiliation (member of ABC Church, Child of Rotary Club etc.)
    • Condition (diabetic, left handed, cancer survivor, child of veteran)


    1. Colleges - Visit the scholarship webpages of the colleges to which you plan to apply.
    2. High School - Learn about the scholarships that are provided by or thru your school.
    3. Employers - Check with your employer and the employer(s) of your parents/guardians.
    4. Community Resources - Explore scholarships that may be offered in your community (Ex. Church, Scouts, etc.).
    5. General Searches - Use your favorite search engine to explore scholarships specific to you (Ex. Left-handed Scholarships).
    6. Search Engines - Set up a "junk email" and use it to register with Scholarship Search Engines (see list in helpful links section).

    TIP:  Our scholarship deadlines get posted to our S3 Calendar.  Go to the S3 Calendar webpage and click on the green iCal icon to get our S3 Calendar to automatically show up on your smartphone!

Scholarships at CMHS

  • Some scholarships have a school selection or nomination process.  At Cox Mill High School, we have a common scholarship application that is required for these types of scholarships.  The Cox Mill High School Scholarship Application can be completed online and turned in at any point during the school year, though the earlier you turn in the application, the more scholarships for which you can be considered.  The first wave of scholarship nominations start in September each year.  Students or parents/guardians who would like to receive ongoing updates about scholarship opportunities should consider following the Cox Mill High School S3 Department Scholarship Database.

Local Scholarships

  • Scholarships can be offered at multiple levels.  Students are encouraged to start at home and identify scholarships at the local level. These can include scholarships offered thru employers (students, parents), community connections (places of worship, civic organizations, etc.) and other community sponsors.  Local scholarship opportunities are usually less competitive since students will be competing against students from Cox Mill High School and/or Cabarrus County rather than against students across the region, state or nation.  
    Each year, the list of local scholarships changes, so be sure to keep an eye on our Scholarship Database and S3 Calandar.  Meanwhile, here is a list of local scholarships that have been presented in the past.  You can learn more about these scholarships by searching for them on Scholarship Plus.
    Scholarship Plus

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