Soft Skills

  • Soft Skills Needed for a Career

    When compared to hard skills, soft skills are highly valued by employers because they are hard to find. The soft skills most often sought by employers include:
    • The ability to compromise, negotiate and persuade
    • Doing a job thoroughly and correctly
    • An ability to admit and correct mistakes
    • Good manners, courteous
    • Honesty and integrity
    • Flexibility and adaptability
    • Problem solving - ability to see things from a different perspective
    • Enjoys mentoring and teaching and is also open to learning and loves to learn
    • Confident but humble
    • Ability to lead but also work as part of a diverse team
    • Common sense
    • Ability to understand and follow directions as well as the ability to think intuitively should problems arise
    • Ability to analyze a problem and implement a solution
    • Optimism 
    Soft Skills Needed in College
    The Top Five Soft Skills Every College Student Needs