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New Enrollments

Enrollment Overview & Tips

    • We are glad you are considering enrolling at Cox Mill High School!
    • Begin by reading this page & completing the New Enrollment Request Form below.
    • Soon after receiving your request, we will schedule an enrollment appointment.
    • Expedite your enrollment appointment by making sure you have all Enrollment Checklist documents.

Three Steps to Enrollment

    1. REQUEST - fill out the New Enrollment Request Form below.
    2. ENROLLMENT - after completing the request form, you will be scheduled for an appointment with the Registrar to verify enrollment eligibility and take care of any necessary paperwork.
    3. REGISTRATION - once enrollment eligibility has been verified and required documentation received, you will be scheduled for an appointment with a school counselor to create a schedule.

Documentation Check List

  • 1.  Proof of Identification (one source)
    • NC Driver License or ID
    • Matricula Consular
    • Work Authorization Card
    • Government Issued Driver License/ID
    • Passport
    • Visitor's Visa
    • Work Authorization Card
    • Border Crossing Card

    2.  Proofs of Domicile - Two Sources (one from each column below) :
     One of these .... ... AND one of these ...
    • House Deed
    • Current Lease Agreement
    • Closing or Settlement Statement
    • Current Property Tax Statement
    • Certificate of Domicile*
    *Property Owner - Provides proof of domicile (one from each column)
    *Parent - Provides proof of residency (one from second column) 
    • Motor Vehicle Registration
    • Non-Expired NCDL/NCID
    • Recent Pay Stub
    • Current Medicaid Card
    • Utility Bill (water, cable/satellite, gas or electricity)
     3.  Copy of Child's Birth Certificate (with parents' names on it) 
    4.  Proof of LEGAL Guardianship (only required if student is residing with someone other than a parent listed on the birth certificate; guardianship paperwork must be established through the courts and signed by a judge unless the family meets the criteria found in G.S. 115C-366; we do not accept notarized statements or Power of Attorney documents)
    5.  Immunization Records (official copy from your physician; we do not accept the immunization information found on the transcript)
    6.  Withdrawal Form/Report Card/Official Transcript (showing credits earned at all previous schools for current high school student or 8th Grade Report Card for rising/new 9th graders).

New Enrollment Request Form

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