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Grading Scale, GPA & Rank

Grading and COVID19 Situation

  • Students and familes with questions about how the COVID19 situation is impacting grades for this year should refer to the materials they will find at the links below. Once you review this information, please reach out to your teacher first with any questions. If your teacher is unable to assist you with your question, school counselors would be the next point of contact. 

    Grading for 9th - 11th Graders

    Grading for 12th Graders

Grading & GPA

    GRADING SCALE (effective 2015-16 and beyond):
    A = 90 to 100 % = 4.0 points 
    B =  80 to 89% = 3.0 points 
    C = 70 to 79% = 2.0 points 
    D = 60 to 69% = 1.0 points 
    F = 0 - 59% = 0 points 
    Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is a number that summarizes your overall performance in your high school courses.  For each final course grade you earn (end of semester grade), you earn a certain number of quality points.  Your GPA is the average of those quality points.  Programs, opportunities, colleges and employers may use your GPA to infer things about your abilities and work habits, so attaining a GPA that accurately reflects you is important.  Knowing how to calculate your high school GPA is important.  Use the tools below to help you learn how to calculate your GPA and then set appropriate goals for continually improving your GPA.  When it comes to GPA, start strong and stay strong!
    Facts about GPA:
    • It is cumulative and reflects all of the classes you take in high school!
    • Honors & AP level classes help you to earn extra quality points, which can enhance your GPA.
    • GPA can play an important role in opportunities offered to you in and after high school.
    • Typically, the higher your GPA, the more choices you will have for college, scholarships, etc.
    • The GPA you have in 9th & 10th grades are critical as they set the foundation for what follows.
    • It can be quite difficult to bring up your GPA in 11th & 12th grades if you did not start out strong in 9th & 10th grades.

Extra Quality Points & GPA

    Honors = .5 extra point
    CCP* = 1 extra point  
    AP = 1 extra point 
    *CCP Courses in the College Transfer Pathway only earn 1 extra point; CTE Pathway CCP courses do not earn an extra QP. 

Calculating GPA

  • Your GPA is the average of the quality points you've earned for each final course grade taken in high school.  It's fairly simple to calculate.  All you need is a copy of your transcript (or report cards or anything that shows your final course grade for each class you've taken) and the grading scale that was in place the year you took the course (see above).  The following example will help you understand.
    Kai is just finishing up her freshmen year.  She took eight classes altogether.  These are her classes, grades and the quality points she earned for them:
     English I     90     4.0
     Math I  93  4.0
     Earth & Env Honors  96     4.5
     World History  89    3.0
     Health & PE     92  4.0
     Horticulture I  98  4.0
     Spanish I  85  3.0
     Mixed Chorus  98  4.0
         TOTAL WQP = 30.5
    Kai earned 30.5 weighted quality points.  She took 8 classes.  For Kai, 30.5 (total quality points earned) divided by 8 (total number of classes taken in high school so far) gives you her GPA.  Kai's GPA is 3.8125.

Honor Graduates

  • Cabarrus County Schools recognizes outstanding high school graduates based on GPA in three honors graduate categories (GPA is exact and not rounded up). 

    Summa Cum Laude (gold cord worn at graduation) = 4.320 + 

    Magna Cum Laude (royal blue cord worn at graduation) = 4.000 - 4.319

    Cum Laude (red cord worn at graduation) = 3.625 - 3.999