• The scientific method is a way to ask and answer scientific questions by making observations and doing experiments.



    • Monday, August 28: 
      • Get signatures!
      • Work on Scientific Method Worksheet
      • Introductions and class expectations 
      • Assign computers
      • Show how Biomanbio and Canvas are set up and work
      • Sign up on EdPuzzle
      • Explain Stations
      • Work on Scientific Method Worksheet
      • Homework:
        • Get "signatures" and fill out appropriate forms
        • Work on scientific method color sheet
    • Tuesday, August 29:  
      • Scientific method powerpoint
      • Intro to Scientific Method and go over worksheet
      • Inky the Squid and the treasures of the Scientific Method (Directions are in the canvas module!)
      • Work on Stations
        • Exploration - Worksheet
        • Researcher - Scientific method powerpoint
        • Reader - article with questions
        • Scriber - Create a mneumonic device or poem helping you to remember the order of scientific method
        • Vocabulary - word maps (worksheet needs to be in your notebook for notebook check)
        • Application - crossword puzzle (worksheet needs to be in your notebook for notebook check but also entered in on canvas where there is a word bank!)
        • Solver - Graph reading
        • Maker - water experiment (Write up needs to be in yoru notebook for notebook check)
        • Performer - constructing experiments (Write up needs to be in yoru notebook for notebook check)
      • Homework: 
    • Wednesday, August 30: 
    • Thursday, August 31:
    • Friday, September 1: 
      • warm ups
      • Characteristics of Life
      • Ology's Powerpoint
      • 6 characteristics of life:  create a poster that has all the characteristics of life represented with a picture and the definition in your own words
        • Rubric 
          • Color - 10
          • Neatness - 10
          • Definitions (6) - 36
          • RELEVENT Pictures (6) - 36
          • Title/Name - 8
      • Stations
      • Homework
        • Finish any work from class
        • Edpuzzle - characteristics of life
        • Scientific method Quiz (This is a QUIZ grade!  You can attempt it as many times as you would like and then submit when you are satisfied with your grade but I will only accept the FIRST submission!)
    • Tuesday, September 5
    • Wednesday, September 6
      • Test and Test corrections 
      • For test corrections to count you must copy the entire question (no shortening!) and draw any pertinent diagrams (doesn't have to be a masterpiece but it must be recognizable) and then the CORRECT answer.  You don't have to write the one that you chose that was wrong or the other answers. If you choose the wrong answer again you will still get no credit.
      • Notebook check list:
        1. Scientific method notes
        2. Scientific method homework (definitions)
        3. Mneumonic device or poem
        4. Vocabulary Map
        5. Crossword puzzle
        6. Water/Penny experiment (Maker station from scientific method)
        7. Create an experiment (Performer station from scientific method)
        8. Characteristics of life notes
        9. Characteristics of life concept map
        10. Characteristics of life graphic organizer
        11. Characteristics of life poster

    Flashcard words (5 points Extra Credit)

    •  Scientific method
    • hypothesis
    • theory
    • independent variable
    • dependent variable
    • constants
    • control
    •  ology
    • cardiology
    • virology
    • ecology
    • biology
    • zoology
    • biotechnology
    • oncology
    • Characteristics of life
    • Organization
    • Grow & Development
    • Energy / Metabolism
    • Reproduction
    • Evolution
    • Adapatation
    • Response to stimulus
     Review Games:
    Not Using:
    • Ology Ad
    • Create an "ad" for your ology that must have
      • a picture representing it, 
      • the definition 
      • three facts about it  (ie why we study it? what can we do with that degree?
    • Work on constructing experiments in pairs
      • What is the IV? DV? Control? Constants? In a paragraph explain IN DETAIL how you would go about setting up and constructing your experiment
      • Finish Ology posters