• Welcome to Biology! 
    Lauren Burgess 
    Class description:  
    This course studies the origins, structures, functions, reproduction, growth, development, interaction, and behaviors of living things.  Content is built around major biological concepts which include: historical perspectives, mathematical and analytical skills, and interdisciplinary approaches to discovery. The major biological concepts explored include the classification of organisms, cell structure and function, the change and diversification of organisms, ecosystems and their interactions, and the influence of humankind on the ecosystems.  Concepts are reinforced with a strong emphasis on laboratory experiences and the integration of all sciences.  Applications of concepts to society, individuals, and technology are included.
    Homework and Late Assignments: 
    I give homework almost nightly.  Often it is a 5-10 minute video, game or online quiz/worksheet.  I deduct 10 points a day for late work and will not accept work on a subject after we take the test on that subject. If there is some sort of extenuating circumstance that prevents you from turning in your work or assignment then please contact me but also realize that I expect you to deal with situations ahead of time if they are known.  For example - if you are going to go visit a family member that has no internet then you should work on those assignments before you leave.  Most homework is posted to the website prior to starting the unit so it is very easy to plan and work ahead if needed. 
    Technology Use:
    Many assignments will be completed and submitted online.  Some of the online submissions can be completed on smartphones but others require access to computers.  While in class each student will have access to an assigned laptop in class and during TEAL time.  Cell phone use will not be permitted while in class - all cell phones are to be off and turned in upon entry into the classroom.  If they don't have access to similar technology at home and are unable to complete assignments at school they should see me and discuss how to come up with a solution.  
    Cheating will not be tolerated.  This includes but is not limited to: copying answers from another source, directly duplicating work from another source, using technology when not permitted, and taking credit for work you did not do.  If you are found cheating then you will get a zero on that assignment and if the person you were cheating from was aware and facilitating the act then they will also get a zero.   
    Supplies required: 
    • Headphones (for watching instructional videos in class)
    • Paper
    • 3 ring binder
    • Pencils and pens
    • Optional:
      • Computer mouse (often easier to work on the chromebooks with one)
      • Art supplies - scissors, rulers, colored pencils (I have some in class but if you want your own) 
    *** If you are interested in donating any supplies to the classroom the also please see the above list!  Any new art supplies are always welcome and I try to have the basic supplies on hand for students that are unable to get them for whatever reason.  Also tissues and soap are always needed in a classroom :)
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