• The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the mathematics of functions and the mathematical study of change. The expectations are that:


    • You will gain an appreciation of Calculus as a tool, a collection of concepts and techniques and its use in Engineering, the Physical Sciences, the Life Sciences, and the Social Sciences.

    • This course emphasizes such concepts as limit and differentiation. You should gain an understanding of these concepts and learn to appreciate careful definitions of their statements and theorems.

    • This course should strengthen your ability to work in graphical, algebraic and numerical representations of the important concepts in Calculus.

    • This course should provide opportunities for you to develop your mathematical abilities and problem-solving skills making connections between mathematical reasoning, mathematical results and applications.

    • You will be expected to own your own graphing calculator at home and to learn, on your own, how to use the functions on your calculator. I will use the Inspire TI-84 to provide instruction. The graphing calculator is an integral part of the course. You will be at a disadvantage without your own graphing calculator. 

    • Attendance is extremely important in a class of this level. If for some reason you miss a class, keep up with the assignments. Also, the Stewart website is very helpful. www.stewartcalculus.com

    • Extra Credit is not given to "boost" students' grades. Retesting is allowed for tests below 65% with the highest rescore of 65%. In order to retest students must attend tutoring twice, once to be tutored and once to retest. Retesting and make up testing is during after school tutoring and not during the school day.
    • AP class fee of $18.00 is required for both Ab and BC Calculus classes.

    Calculus is divided into two semesters, AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC.

    Students taking both semesters will take the BC College Board exam for calculus and receive a BC score and an AB subscore.   

    Students opting to only take AB Calculus will take the AB College Board exam for calculus.