NC Virtual Public Schools (NCVirtual or NCVPS) provides students an opportunity to take courses online for free that may not be available at NCHS or, on rare occassion, that cannot be scheduled due to conflicts in an existing schedule. 

    NCVPS Success Presentation

    NCVPS courses are taught 100% online; however, students are expected to login to their class every school day and work a minimum of 90 minutes per day!  Students may only take NCVPS courses that are not currently offered at NCHS.  Students and families should review the NCVPS website or speak with their alpha counselor to get more information. 



    NCVPS is excited to announce that parents and guardians can now view their students progress in our Canvas courses. Observers have limited permissions that allow them to view what is happening in a course without interrupting the flow of daily course communication. To learn more about observing, open the following link for detailed instructions and screenshots, NCVPS Parent Canvas Access Instructions. You can also follow the website listed below for more information and where to sign up for Parent Canvas Access.


    How do I register for a NCVPS class? 
    Students should speak with their alpha counselor to review available options!  Students and families must complete and submit a NCVPS user agreeement before a student is enrolled in a NCVPS class.  Please review the video in the overview information above for more details. 
    Where will I login for my NCVPS class?
    Students will login to their NCVPS class using NCVPS's Canvas Page.  You can login here. 

    Where can I find my Canvas userID and password?
    Students receive their Canvas userID and password in a letter emailed to them by the NCHS NCVPS contact.  Students receive this email in either their CCS email account or the email provided when they completed the NCVPS user agreement.  

    What is the cost of a NCVPS class?
    NCVPS classes are currently free of charge. They are tax payer funded through the NC Department of Public Instruction.

    How much time will I have to work each day on the class?
    NCVPS says 8 week Summer classes require up to 3 hours of work each day. Not all internet time, just 3 hours dedicated to reading, studying, posting, etc. Fall/Spring classes require 90 minutes per day.

    Can I work ahead or fall behind, and catch up depending on my Summer plans?
    Talk to your NCVPS teacher and ask about this. There is some flexibility built into the courses.

    Will I have to go to NCHS to take tests?
    No, only at the completion of classes that require an EOC or CTE Final Exam.  If you elect to take an Advanced Placement (AP) course through NCVPS, you are responsible for signing up for the AP Exam to receive college credit. 

    How will NCHS get my final grade?
    NCVPS will send scores to the NCHS NCVPS contact. They will then be entered on your NCHS transcript.

    Helpful Information 


    If you have questions please speak with your alpha counselor or reach out the NCVPS contact, Mrs. Gilley

Last Modified on January 7, 2021