NC Virtual Public School (NCVPS) www.ncvps.org gives students an opportunity to take classes online that may not be available at NCHS, or that cannot be scheduled due to conflicts in an existing schedule.
    A successful NCVPS student is one who has the following qualities:

    Independent learner
    Strong reader
    Successful in NCHS classes
    Has home internet access
    Has computer skills

    Where will I login for my NCVPS class?
    Login to your class here.

    Where can I find the Bb userID and password?
    They are in the email or letter that Ms. Mowery sent you confirming your registration in the NCVPS class.

    What is the cost of a NCVPS class?
    NCVPS classes are currently free of charge. They are tax payer funded through the NC Department of Public Instruction.

    How much time will I have to work each day on the class?
    NCVPS says 8 week Summer classes require up to 3 hours of work each day. Not all internet time, just 3 hours dedicated to reading, studying, posting, etc. Fall/Spring classes require 90 minutes per day.

    Can I work ahead or fall behind, and catch up depending on my Summer plans?
    Talk to your NCVPS teacher and ask about this. There is some flexibility built into the courses.

    Will I have to go to NCHS to take tests?
    No, only at the completion of classes that require an EOC or VOCAT.

    How will NCHS get my final grade?
    NCVPS will send scores to Ms. Mowery. They will then be entered on your NCHS transcript.
    Is it your first time taking an NCVPS course? If so click the below image and learn how to get started as an NCVPS student:



    Do you have any of the following concerns?

    Fix glitches in Blackboard
    Reset Blackboard passwords
    Assist in performing tasks in Blackboard
    Escalate registration and policy questions to NCVPS staff
    Answer Wimba tools questions
    Notify Blackboard of an outage

    If so please contact the NCVPS HELPDESK: http://www.help.ncvps.org

Last Modified on July 8, 2016