Unit 1 - Launching & Narrative Using Mentor Text

  •  Click the attachment for a letter that explains what Writing Workshop is all about.
    Students will be able to:
    • Generate ideas for their writing from the world around them
    • Plan a small moment narrative 
    • Compose a small moment narrative that:
      • Has an engaging beginning
      • Has a clear setting and situation
      • Uses sensory details to elaborate details
      • Uses temporal words (first, next, then, last)
      • Conclusion
    • Set goals to apply to their own writing
    • Recognize an author's craft and why it is important
    • Apply an author's craft to their own writing in order to improve it
    • Work collaboratively to revise and edit

Unit 2 - Narrative: Captivating Our Readers' Attention

Unit 3 - Informative Writing

Unit 4 - Poetry: Big Thoughts in Small Packages

Unit 5 - Writing About Reading

Unit 6 - Lab Reports & Science Books

Unit 7 - Writing Arguments bout Books & Characters

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