Career Success

  • The National Model for School Counseling Programs (American School Counselor Association) guides the school counseling program at Cox Mill High School.  Career development is one of several strands in the national model.  Cox Mill High School counselors believe that career development occurs across the lifespan.  During high school, optimal career development is best pursued through strengthening of soft skills, continued self awareness, and expanding career awareness. 
    SOFT SKILLS MATTER:  establishing a core knowledge, skills and attitudes that contribute to productive contributions in any work setting is vital to a student's current and future success.  Whether working at home, school or in the community, successful workers possess and demonstrate core work skills that contribute to their own development and that of the group, company or organization which they serve.  
    SELF-AWARENESS MATTERS:  a healthy and productive professional life is best achieved when one is employed in a field that matches an individual's values, goals, interests and abilities.  Understanding yourself in the context of the world of work is a vital piece of the career development process.      
    CAREER AWARENESS MATTERS:  the rapid changes in the workforce run a parallel course with innovations and enhancements with technology.  Students are aware of careers that enter into their world view; expanding that world view, especially as it relates to future career opportunities in the context of the student's values, goals, interests and abilities is an important step on a student's journey toward career success. 
    Career development is a collaborative, ongoing process that is best executed via collaboration between the student and their supporters (parents, guardians, community members, and other experts in the field such as school counselors and our Career Development Coordinator).  See your school counselor if you have questions, concerns or would like to have more individualized assistance with exploring career-related information.