Academic Success

  • The National Model for School Counseling Programs (American School Counselor Association) guides the school counseling program at Cox Mill High School.  Academic development is one of several strands in the national model.  Cox Mill High School counselors believe that optimal academic development is best accomplished through high achievement in appropriately rigorous coursework and, ideally, includes participation in relevant enrichment experiences.  
    RIGOR MATTERS:  high achievement in rigorous high school courses is the best predictor of college success, and because of this Cox Mill High School students are encouraged to take the most challenging courses for their ability levels. 
    ACHIEVEMENT MATTERS:  taking difficult courses is important, but it is meaningless if students do not do well enough to benefit from the more challenging course content.  Cox Mill High School students are high achieving, with an average GPA of 3.2 (B), our students set the bar high and work hard to achieve at an above-average level. 
    ENRICHMENT MATTERS: the best students take advantage of opportunities to expand learning experiences and enhance their academic passions beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. Students are encouraged to explore existing enrichment opportunities or create their own through research, volunteer opportunities, or independent study.  
    The links in this section are intended to help students develop skills that contribute to academic achievement, explore meaningful opportunities for adding relevant rigor, and identify experiences that may enhance learning outside the traditional classroom.  School counselors are available to help students explore these opportunities.