• Schedule Changes at CCHS:

    Students have made course selections for 2019/2020 since early February (see more HERE), and students have had the chance to change those selections with their counselor at any time since then, especially after the March Confirmation Sheet was sent to each student. Students wanting a schedule change after reviewing their printed schedule can make an online request at the link below. No schedule changes will be made after May 10, 2019 unless there is an error in a schedule.

    FLEX applications will be available in Guidance on 5/3/19. Seniors wishing to FLEX classes or be a mid-year grad must complete and return them to their counselor by 5/10/19.

    Some examples of acceptable Schedule Change reasons:

    • Overloaded semester of core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, AP classes, Honors classes).
    • Classes out of sequence (example: Spanish 2 before Spanish 1)
    • A class is scheduled that you did not select.
    • You did not meet a prerequisite for a scheduled class. 
    • There is a "hole" in your schedule with no class.

    Unacceptable reasons for a schedule change:

    • You want a certain teacher for a class.
    • You want a new course that have not previously requested in registration.
    • You've changed your mind about an Honors or AP class.
    • You want to be in certain classes with your friends.

      Directions: Once school starts on 8/26/19 and a student wishes to request a schedule change, that student should do the following-
      • Report to the class in question (example; if the problem class is 4th period, then wait until 4th period) and ask that teacher if you may go to the Control Room. Get a pass and go directly to the Control Room.
      • In the Control Room tell Mr. Woody that you are there to wait to meet for a counselor to request a schedule change. A counselor will come and get you to work on your schedule change (as long as it meets the acceptable reasons above). If a counselor does not get to you by the end of the period, go on to your next class because your presence will be recorded and a counselor will follow up with you.

    Between May 3 and May 10, 2019: CCHS Students wanting a schedule change should complete ONE request at the link for their counselor below. Counselors will receive these requests, work on them, and reply by email or phone about the change request.

    Click on the LINK below for your counselor

    Mrs. Felker (A-C)

    Ms. Palmer (D-J)

    Ms. Brown (K-P)

    Mr. Witkowski (Q-Z)


Last Modified on August 18, 2019