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    In High School it is important to utilize all of your resources.

    First begin with your classroom teachers. Utilize their tutoring sessions during their scheduled times. Ask your teachers for their suggestions on other ways you can receive help in a subject. They may suggest online resources that coincide with the textbook you are using in class.

    Once you have exhausted this resource please go to BETA club tutoring after school in Ms. Bell's room (E411) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You will be paired with an upper classmen who knows the information regarding your subject and can help you thoroughly understand the concept.

    Other sources of tutoring are your peers, private tutoring, and web resources.

    Many websites have resources where students can receive tutoring related to course content online.

    Fall 2018


    Math 1

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    Math 2

    Math 2

    Math 3
    math 3  
    Need extra help? Access your local public library!
Last Modified on February 19, 2019