Will your child need medication during the school day?

  • With the proper paperwork, medication that a student needs during the school day may be given at school. Examples include:

    • inhalers for asthma,
    • epinehprine for food allergies,
    • insulin for diabetes,
    • ritalin for ADHD,
    • ibuprofen for migraines,
    • and many others. 

    Medications require a doctor's order, are stored in the school nurse's office and administered by the school nurse.  Certain other school staff are trained to safely administer medication in the nurse's absence.

    If your child needs to carry medication to self-administer, please contact the school nurse.

    We do not keep any over-the-counter medications (such as tylenol, cough syrup, pepto bismol) at school for students.  CCS policy prohibits staff giving any medication to students without a doctor's order.

    Also, we discourage you from sending over-the-counter medication to school with your child, especially in elementary school.  Children should not transport medication.

    Click here to see directions for completing forms. 




  • For full details on Cabarrus County Schools' medication policy: Letter to Parents Regarding Administration of Medications in School.


    All forms needed by the School Nurse, including medication authorization forms, can be found here: School Health Documents    *Copies are also available in the front office and from the nurse at school.


    Please bring the completed form and the medication to school at the same time! 

    Your doctor's office might not fax forms to school.  Be sure to allow extra time for forms to be completed, picked up and brought to school.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact me if your child needs medicine during the school day, or to keep on hand for an emergency.  I will be happy to answer any questions you have! 
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