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    Contact the CCS Gifted Ed. Department for questions regarding Honors Course Templates and Requirements.
    Nikki Sandor

Honors Course Resources

Honors Course Overview Example

  • Honors Course Name (Heading 1)

    Quick description of the course and/or content on this page. 

    Curriculum Content (Heading 3)

    This is a narrative explanation of how this honors level course is adapted and differentiated for advanced learners. Include how the honors level curriculum supports vertical alignment for college and career readiness. No attached files are required here.

    Standards and Objectives (Heading 3)

    Include a list of extensions and/or added objectives. Please note the goal or target for each honors course extension (ex: AP, ACT, other advanced course or college level standards). Do NOT include a listing of ALL NC Standard Course of Study objectives - only the extensions and/or additions.

    Curriculum Plan (Heading 3) 

    This is where you will link your syllabus and give a description of what parents will find on the syllabus.
    Click here to access the Parent Curriculum Documents. (Please DO NOT link directly to the teacher curriculum documents.)

    Instructional Materials and Methods (Heading 3) 

    Give a brief narrative statement about how the honors level course is taught. Include information in narrative and/or bulleted form about the instructional materials and resources related to your honors extensions and enrichment activities. 

    Assessment (Heading 3) 

    In this section, please write a narrative about how the honors level course is assessed. Include information about class and state-level assessments. Give a narrative explanation of your assessment practices for content extensions and/or additions in your course.  If you would like to include information about specific assessments with dates, etc., feel free to do so.
Last Modified on August 31, 2016