All rising 9th graders, please review the information below to help guide you through registration. Please use the resources here to help you as you plan and select classes for your freshman year. You may wish to consult with your Middle School Counselor as you consider your class options, and look for answers to questions. Your High School Counselors are here to help as well. 

    Helpful Registration resources for Rising 9th graders: 

    9th Grade Course Offerings

    4-Year High School Planning Guide

    Cabarrus County Schools' Graduation Requirements

    Course Descriptions

    CTE Pathways & Course Descriptions

    *9th Grade PowerSchool Registration Directions*



    1. Will the school counselors reqister me individually? 
      1. You will register for classes in PowerSchool.  *See PowerSchool Registration Directions above.
    2.  How do I register for classes in PowerSchool?
      1. Please see the video and instructions down below, under 2021-2022 Registration, on how to access PowerSchool and register for your classes.
    3. How do I know which classes to choose?
      1. Use the 4-Year High School Planning Guide to help guide you with core classes and use the CTE Pathways & Course Descriptions to help you with CTE and electives. If you are wondering about pre-requisites, use the MPHS Pre-Requisite Guide.
    4. How do I sign up for college classes?
      1. Rising 9th graders are NOT eligible for college classes through the CCP program at RCCC. This becomes available your Junior and Senior year, so you may start planning for these years now.
    5. Will I be able to take AP classes?
      1. Yes, after your 9th grade year. AP course options are available in 10th grade and go through your 12th grade year. Please see MPHS AP Course Guide for details.


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     Student Presentation:


    Parent Presentation:

MPHS Course Videos

PowerSchool Registration Instructions

  • Welcome to Registration 2021! We look forward to working with students and their families as we all plan together for the 2021-22 school year. 


    Registration will open for MPHS 10th-12th graders on FEBRUARY 1st - FEBRUARY 14th! 


    Steps to enroll for the 2021-2022 school year:

    1. Review the Course Registration document for your grade level
    2. Review what you have already taken and review NC guides on courses needed for high school graduation: linked here.
    3. Once registration opens, log into PowerSchool.
      1. Scroll down to CLASS REGISTRATION.
      2. Select your courses by clicking on the pencil and selecting from the courses listed. A red exclamation point means the course is required.
      3. Make sure to register for 8 classes.
    4. Before submitting, review the courses and make sure they are classes you need and want.

    10th Grade Course Offerings

    11th Grade Course Offerings

    12th Grade Course Offerings


2021-2022 Registration Timeline

Registration Resources

Course Applications

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