• Room On The Broom

    by Julia Donaldson Year Published: 2013

    The witch and her cat are happily flying through the sky on a broomstick when the wind picks up and blows away the witch's hat, then her bow, and then her wand!  Luckily, three helpful animals find the missing items, and all they want in return is a ride on the broom.  But is there room on the broom for so many friends?  And when disaster strikes, will they be able to save the witch from a hungry dragon?

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  • The Color Monster: A Popup Book of Feelings

    by Anna Llenas Year Published: 2012

    This story encourages children to open up and discuss how they feel, even when their thoughts are confusing.

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  • The Rabbit Listened

    by Cori Doerrfeld Year Published: 2018

    The Rabbit Listened is about how to comfort and heal the people in your life, by taking the time to carefully, lovingly, gently listen. A moving and universal picture book about empathy and kindness, sure to soothe heartaches big and small.

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  • Stick And Stone

    by Beth Ferry and Tom Litchenfield Year Published:

    When Stick rescues Stone from a prickly situation with a Pinecone, the pair becomes fast friends. But when Stick gets stuck, can Stone return the favor? It is a rhyming text that includes a subtle anti-bullying message even the youngest reader will understand.      

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