"Positive Behavior Intervention Support"
    The Staff at C.C. Griffin Middle School has worked to implement a system of support and intervention to target certain behaviors and help students become safe, respectful and responsible Gryphons.
    The Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) system helps:
    • replace undesired behaviors with new behaviors or skills
    • alter environments, teach appropriate skills, and acknowledge appropriate behaviors

    Students will be acknowledged for meeting and exceeding expectations through a "Gryphon Buck" system.  Students will be given Gryphon Bucks by any member for the CCGMS staff including teachers, administrators, custodians, bus drivers, and substitutes.  Students will be able to cash in their Gryphon bucks at our Gryphon PBIS store, through various drawings for specific prizes, and other team or grade level incentives throughout the school year.  Students are responsible for keeping up with their bucks.

    Students will also have the opportunity to participate in quarterly celebrations based on positive choices within the areas of academic work, behaviors, and attendance.
    Whole classes exceeding the expectations will also be recognized by receiving Classroom Compliments from other staff members.  These will be proudly displayed around the teachers' classroom doors.
    I am a Might Gryphon.

    My behavior at school and in the community keeps others and me SAFE.

    My behavior at school and in the community shows I am RESPECTFUL of my peers, teachers, others, and myself.
    My behavior at school and in the community shows I am RESPONSIBLE for my education, my actions, and I am a positive example for all to see. 

Last Modified on July 2, 2015