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    At this web site you will find a list of disorders, treatments, procedures, and public health issues. If you are researching a disease, this is a good place to start. Once you find the disease, you will find a list of resources relating to that disease. You will be able to read about the symptoms and treatments of each disease. Follow the link to Frequently asked questions for answers about common diseases. Read about current medical procedures and follow the links provided for further information. This web site is a tremendous source of information.  
    Check out our awesome range of sports science videos. Learn about the latest tests and research related to training, injuries, player safety and equipment.
     This detailed web site is intended for students thinking about pursuing a career in medicine. Sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges, it has articles and resources about considering a career in medicine and applying to medical school. There are resources for medical students, as well as resources for residents. Information on testing and financing is included as well.
     Medical terms either take a descriptive function or honor those who first diagnosed a disease. Eponyms don't provide any useful information about a condition, but simply link it to a particular person's research. They are also sometimes used to describe body parts. Parkinson's disease is more well-known than paralysis agitans, even though they are the same condition. Descriptive terms are sometimes replaced by eponyms to avoid a particular stigma, but the medical trend is away from eponyms.
Last Modified on April 29, 2020