• Physical Education is based on Physical Participation


    LIVE Days 

    Students will be expected to join the LIVE class with cameras on.  

    Students will complete part of a workout with the teacher for demonstration and review and then complete the workout on their own with cameras on for a participation grade.

    Students will then complete a Workout Reflection Google Form.

    100% if participated on camera and completed Google Form correctly.  

    75% if camera was not on but student completed Google Form correctly. (Student may send a video of them completing the workout or have a parent verify through email that they completed the workout)

    75% if participated with camera on but did not submit Google Form

    50% if student did not attend LIVE class and did not submit Google Form


    NON LIVE Days

    Students will be expected to complete and submit assignments for their NON LIVE day from the Canvas Weekly Assignments

    100% if student completed and submitted the Workout Reflection Google Form correctly

    50% if no work was submitted


Last Modified on January 22, 2021