th Grade Social Studies 
      Syllabus and Grading Policy


    The school year will be broken down into 4 different eras:  

    Era 6: Interaction and Change (1st 9 weeks)                 

     interaction and change                            

               Era 7: Revolution and Empire (2nd 9 weeks)
                      revolution and empire  
             Era 8: Global Conflict (3rd 9 weeks)                         

    global conflict     

                  Era 9: Emerging Modern World (4th 9 weeks)
     emerging modern world
    We do NOT have textbooks that match our curriculum so attendance and class participation are vital!  All materials will be teacher-created and copies will be easily accessible to all students.



    *Arrive to class on time with ALL required materials (pencils included).


    *Follow directions and classroom procedures the first time they are given.
    *Receive permission to speak or leave your seat.
    *Be respectful of all people and property at all times.

     **If you have questions, refer to the "Knight Rules" handout on this website!


    Materials Required:

    *3-ring binder 
    Organization and Notebooks:
                Students are required to keep a current notebook full of lecture notes, worksheets, quizzes, tests, printouts, study guides and/or any other materials that are presented in class. This will require a 3-ring binder used ONLY FOR MR. KNIGHT'S CLASS!  Grades will be given on occasion based on having items in their notebook.....but they will be given time to organize it before it will be checked for a grade.
                Middle school is a time to learn one’s organization style and what works best for them. Most materials will be posted on Mr. Knight's website but not all items will be posted....so encourage your son/daughter to learn proper organization that will help them throughout the rest of their lives!


    Lecture Notes:

                Lecture notes presented in class are very difficult and time consuming to make. This material is embedded with video links, primary documents, pictorial illustrations, maps, and various other items. It is important that each student keep a current notebook. This is where attendance is pivotal to comprehension. So much can be missed in one day due to the varying complexity of embedded resources.
                Mr. Knight has an "Agenda Board" in the back of the room.  This board will be referred to daily with all assignments and classroom activities.  The board will be updated each day so that if a student is absent, they can see on the board what they missed for up to one week....and they can take a picture with their phone (after asking permission) at any time.  "Makeup Bins" are located in the classroom so that each student can get get copies of any and all handouts.



     All HW assignments are posted on the Agenda Board each day with due dates clearly marked.  Assignments will also be posted on the website to assist with due dates.


                Our policy at HRMS is to make sure kids understand and can use the material, NOT to punish kids for not getting work done.  Late work is accepted and encouraged...so there is NO EXCUSE for not completing assignments.



    Assessments, Quizzes and Tests:

    Students will know about upcoming quizzes and tests well in advance.   Typically, quizzes and tests will be preceded with some type of in class review and study session.  All major tests, projects, etc that are important due dates will be sent via the Remind 101 app (students have the information in their Parent Letter).


    End of Year Test:

    Students are required to take an end of year SS examination called the NCFE created by North Carolina. Keeping older materials from class after binder clean outs is suggested and study sessions will be conducted by Mr. Knight to help students prepare for this test.


    Grading Scale: 

    A   90-100                  
    B   80-89                         
    C  70 - 79                         
    D   60 - 69                        
    F  59 and below


    Plagiarism and Cheating:

    Taking credit for other people’s work is not allowed at Harris Road Middle School. Students in middle school begin their journey toward scholarship and sometimes make mistakes when trying to navigate in this area. I will provide guidance, suggestions, and advice to any student who is looking to cite an example or borrow ideas if they are giving credit to others. Outright and intentional plagiarism will result in a ZERO!

    Cheating during a quiz, test, homework assignment, or assessment is a violation of the honor code and shows poor integrity. Any act of cheating will result in an immediate ZERO!