• Parent What the KIDS:PLUS Families say about KIDS:PLUS!

    (Testimonials taken from yearly survey data)
    "The staff are amazing people who work hard with the kids!" 
    "I absolutely love Mt. Pleasant KIDS:PLUS."
    "Ms. Sara and her staff are wonderful!  My daughter loves attending Odell KIDS:PLUS."
     "The KIDS:PLUS experience for my daughter has been a great one.  I don't have any complaints."
    "The staff at Bethel is great!"
    "Ms. Bonnie and her staff at Patriots are wonderful.  My daughter actually asks me to work late so  that she can stay after school longer, because she enjoys it so much!  This is a very well-structured and well-run program!"
    "Everyone is great.  They work with me and I trust my son is in the best hands.  Thank you for all you do!" 
    "I love our staff and am sad that my son is going to middle school.  We will still visit them as much as we can."
    KIDS:PLUS staff gets a A+.  The staff is friendly, polite and my child enjoys time spent with them."
    "All staff members at Winecoff KIDS:PLUS are very courteous and treat kids fairly."
    "The KIDS:PLUS staff and Ms. Black (Harrisburg) know even the smallest detail about my and son and make each day personal for him.  He loves sports, so they make sure to give him both indoor and outdoors choices every day.  When they are inside, Mr. Jesse even talks basketball with him, it's fantastic!"
    " Fantastic staff!  I am always greeted with smiles."
     "The staff is amazing!  My child has many health issues and they pay close attention to him and provide him care whenever he needs it.  They are very caring and I feel completely conformation when he is there."  
    "I am very pleased with the staff.  Always helpful and pleasant to deal with."
    "Love the KIDS:PLUS staff.  I don't know how we could have done our jobs without the care and support of KIDS:PLUS for the last six years!"
    "My site director is amazing!  She is incredibly friendly to me as a parent and shows sincere interest and care for my daughter.   She responds to emails quickly, she is well-organized, and happy to help in any way that she can with feedback and scheduling assistance.  She is also very cheerful to interact with an obviously runs a very functional after school program where hate children receive positive attention, create cute crafts and have an overall great experience."
    "Ms. Mills (Winecoff) is very professional, polite and organized.  My child loves her!"
    "My kids love Ms. Amber (Bethel)!  She is the sweetest."
    "The 4-H Program is wonderful.  My daughter really enjoys it!"
    "If I didn't like the program, I wouldn't have been in it for 4 years." 
    "Keep up the good work.  I hope my son can continuing to attend KIDS:PLUS  I don't know what we would do without your wonderful staff there.  They truly care about my son and want him to succeed.  They always help with issue I have at home by helping my child there."
    "Great Experience."
    "I am very pleased with the program, we have used this program for many years."
    "I love, love, love KIDS:PLUS at Pitts.  They are the best!"
    "I love the program.  My husband loves the program.  My children loves the program.  What's there to improve upon?"
    "I love Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Stewart.  They treat our child like their own."
    "KIDS:PLUS is a prefect program."
Last Modified on July 28, 2016