In 2020/2021 CCHS will offer the ASVAB in December, March and April to interested students. We will test 30 students online at each session at CCHS. Seating is limited, and we are only giving the test to CCHS Students this year. Score interpretation will take place online at a later date. Students can sign up below for this free test.


    REGISTER WITH LINK BELOW for the CCHS ASVAB in 2020-2021.

    April 23 (will close on April 16 at 8am... April 21 at 9am)

    • The ASVAB is a "qualifying" test for entrance into all the branches of the US military.
    • The test also gives students scores for eligibility for careers in the service.
    • Taking the ASVAB in no way obligates a student to the military.
    • Students can practice or prep for the ASVAB at the links below:

     Official ASVAB site    LINK
     March2success ASVAB practice   LINK
     Today's Military practice     LINK
     Army- understanding the ASVAB    LINK
    Book: ASVAB for Dummies  LINK
    After the test:

    Taking the FYI interest inventory


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