• The Super3 is a three-part process model used to solve problems, organize a research project or to make decisions by using information.
    It was developed by Michael B. Eisenberg and Laura Eisenberg Robinson along with a more complex model, the Big6 (http://big6.com ).
    In the beginning... Plan                What am I supposed to do? 
                                                       What will it look like if I do a really good job?
                                                       What do I need to make to show what I learned?
                                                       What do I need to find out about to do a good job?
    In the middle...       Do                  How can I do the job?
                                                       What can I use to find out what I need?
                                                       Now I need to make something that will help me solve a problem or explain what I have learned. 
    In the end ...         Review            Is my job done?
                                                       Did I do what I was supposed to do?
                                                       Do I feel good about my product?
                                                       Should I change or add anything before I turn it in? 
Last Modified on August 22, 2017