NCHS Registration 20-21

  • Schedules for Academic Year 2020-2021

    Important Note: 

     Student schedules are still being finalized. Your classes will not change, but please note that your classes may be moved to a different semester or block prior to the first day of school. You will receive a new copy of your schedule at Open House in August and again in Homeroom on the first day of school. Students should follow the schedule received in Homeroom on the first day of school. 

     Schedule Change Policy: 

    No schedule changes are guaranteed. Many classes are already full for next year, but we will do our best to accommodate requests. Many factors go into making a schedule change that are out of our control. 

     To request a change, please use the link below. DO NOT EMAIL your counselor to request a schedule change. The form MUST be completed online for a request to be considered. This form will become available on Monday, June 1st and will be available until Thursday, June 18th at 2:30 p.m. The form must be completed by THURSDAY, JUNE 18th. *Please note this deadline was extended from 6/11 to 6/18 to allow families adequate time to submit their schedule change requests.*

    We want all students to be happy with their schedules, therefore a specific period of time is set aside for students to request schedule changes. Students who would like to request a schedule change must do so during the approved timeframes in fairness to all students.  Please understand  our classes are very full and changes are never guaranteed.  It is likely any change will result in rearranging an entire schedule.  The following parameters must be followed when submitting a schedule change request:

    • Students must submit schedule change request during the designated window by the indicated deadline.
    • Requests must be submitted via the online form linked above; emailed requests will not be considered. 
    • Schedule change requests will not be accepted or considered beyond the deadline--no exceptions. 
    • Changes to ask for the same class but with a different teacher or in a different block will not be considered. 
    • All students who submit a change request will receive an email notification of the outcome of their request by email. 


    You can access the form here: 

    Zach Massey--Last Names A-D

    Toni Bellon--Last Names E-L

    Beth Franklin--Last Names M-Q 

    Julie Gilley--Last Names R-Z 


    Be sure to select the appropriate counselor and include an email and phone number. It is important that you meet this deadline. The next online schedule change window will be August 3rd-7th

     Your counselor will notify you if a change has been made via email. Please DO NOT EMAIL YOUR COUNSELOR as they will be checking the online form frequently. 

     We miss you and hope you have a GREAT Summer!! 


    Timeline for Course Request Changes: 

    February 13, 2020: In Homeroom on Thursday, February 13, 2020 rising 10th-12th students received a printout of course selections for the 2020-2021 school year. Please review the course selections for the 2020-2021 school year carefully. This is NOT a finalized schedule. Please use the following form to notify your school counselor of any changes you would like to make to your course selections due to personal preferences or due to an error on your course request printout. Students have from Thursday, February 13th---Thursday, February 20th at 2:30 p.m. to request a change. Changes must be submitted in writing. The link to request a change is listed on your course request printout. *Please note the deadline was extended to Friday, February 28th due to inclement weather

    February 14, 2020: Students at CMHS received a printed course request list for the 2020-2021 school year in first period.  This is not a finalezed schedule.  Students were given the instructions to review the course selections and notify school counselors in writing of any changes that need to be made due to error or personal preferences.  Changes must be submitted by February 20th at 2:30PM.  *Please note the deadline for course requests changes was extended to Feburary 28th due to inclement weather.  

    April 6, 2020: Because of COVID-19 and the transition to virtual learning for the 19-20 school year until May 15th, we are offering an opportunity for students to make changes to their course requests for the 20-21 school year. This request must be completed by Thursday, April 9th at 2:30pm. Connect Ed sent April 6th. 

    June 1, 2020: Student schedules became available for pick up through car rider line M-Th 6/1-6/4 1:30p-4p.  Any schedule not picked by 6/4 will be distributed by mail.  The schedule change window will open from June 1st-June 11th. *Please note this date was extended to 6/18 to allow families adequate time to make a request. ConnectEd sent on 5/29.

    June 8,2020: Students who will attend WCHS for the 20-21 school year will receive their WCHS welcome packets, including schedule by mail. 

    August 3, 2020: The summer schedule change window will be open August 3rd-August 7th. 

    20-21 School Year: Once the school year has begun, all schedule changes must be approved by administration.  These changes typically require a medical or educational need.


     Cabarrus County Schools Curriculum Guide:


Getting Started

  • This year's registration process will include opportuntities for students impacted by district realignment to have registration experiences consistent with the shared goals of both the sending and receiving schools. Events will span Fall 2019 to Spring 2020 and beyond. Students and families will find helpful information here and on other high school and district webpages (see Documents and Links section). Check back often, as new resources will appear as they are introduced to students and families.

    All realignment questions must be sent to Mr. Walter.

    Mr. Zach Massey School Counselor (CCP Contact)

    Ms. Toni Bellon   School Counselor

    Ms. Beth Franklin School Counselor 

    Ms. Julie Gilley School Counselor (NCVPS Contact) 

    Mrs. Bethany Gregory STEM Coordinator

    Mr. Peter Kim Academy of Health Science Coordinator

    Mrs. Jacqueline Ferreira CTE Coordinator 

Registration Process Overview

  • Information on how to complete the registration packet: 

    NCHS Rising 11th

    NCHS Rising 10th

    WCHS Rising 10th/11th 

    NCHS: Students will be given registration packets in homeroom with instructions on how to complete the registration form.  Students are assigned to a group registration time where they will meet with the NCHS school counselors to review courses for the 2020-2021 school year.  

    NCHS to WCHS Students: Students will be given WCHS registration packets in homeroom with instructions on how to complete the registration form. WCHS will visit NCHS on December 11th for a large group presentation.  Students are asked to turn in their registration packets to their NCHS counselor by December 12th.  Group registration for students who will attend WCHS will be facilitated by NCHS counselors in January.  Students in the WCHS attendance zone received a registration time during 2nd block on Friday, December 6.  During group registration time students will meet with the NCHS school counselors to review course selections for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will receive an appointment time reminder in 2nd block on January 6th.  

    CMHS to NCHS Students: Students will be given NCHS registration packets in homeroom at CMHS with instructions on how to complete the registration form (see NCHS rising 10th/11th links above).  NCHS school counselors will visit CMHS December 1st (rising 11th) and December 16th (rising 10th) to review course selections for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Registration Timeline


    November 1, 2019

    Registration briefing in homeroom for rising seniors (ConnectEd  11/1/19)

    November 18, 2019

    Registration for rising seniors begins

    November 22, 2019

    Registration briefing in homeroom for rising sophomores and juniors (ConnectEd 11/22/19)

    December 1, 2019

    Applications for application courses become available.  CCP, Sport Med 3, Leadership, Yearbook, Nursing Fundamentals

    December 2, 2019

    Registration for rising juniors begins.  NCHS counselors will visit CMHS.

    December 11, 2019

    West Cabarrus HS visits NCHS

    December 16, 2019

    Registration for rising sophomores begins. NCHS counselors will visit CMHS.

    December 23, 2019-January 1, 2020

    Winter Break

    January 6, 2020

    TENTATIVE Career & College Promise Night at Cox Mill HS-joint even between CMHS & NCHS

    January 7, 2020

    Registration begins for WCHS students

    January 17, 21-24, 2020


    January 31, 2020

    Course applications due to respective teacher (CCP, Sport Med 3, Leadership, Yearbook, Nursing Fundamentals)

    February 13, 2020

     NCHS will go to Harris Rd Middle to begin registration 

    February 18, 2020


    NCHS will go to NCMS to begin registration

    February 20,2020 *Rescheduled to February 27, 2020 due to inclement weather

    Curriculum Night

    March 4, 2020

    STEM/Academy of Health Science Registration Night

    March 4, 2020

    Cabarrus County Schools Move Up Day

    March 5, 2020

    NCHS counselors will go to HRMS to finalize registration

    *NCHS Families-please note course requests will not be entered PowerSchool until January 2020.

Course Applications


  • The NCHS point of contact for the realignment process is our Assistant Principal, Jeff Walter and he can be contacted via email:

     For more information regarding the realignment process and any other questions, please visit the Cabarrus County Schools Student Realignment Information webpage: CCS Realignment Information

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