Registration Documents:

    We will not be handing out any materials this year due to COVID19, but the resources below can be very helpful for students to review prior to course selections.


    Registration folder

    Complete list of all 2021/2022 CCHS classes available. Notes on any prerequisites and levels of classes.

    CTE pathway chart

    CTE Pathways (previously known as clusters) available at CCHS and the classes they contain. While CTE Pathways are not required for graduation (except for STEM students), students are encouraged to take CTE classes and explore career interests and build work readiness. Students completing a CTE pathway are eligible for invitation into the school’s CTE Honor Society (NTHS) and graduation honor cord and graduation endorsement seal on diploma.


    CTE Info video: https://youtu.be/TIWXyUuHHgs 

    Graduation Requirement Review

    Students may use as a checklist to measure progress toward your diploma.

    4 Year plan worksheet-

    Students may use to plan out your four years at CCHS with this worksheet. (Click on File>Make a Copy to make your own copy). 

    AP Awareness Form 

    FILLABLE online form required for those taking an AP class. Directions: Students, please view this form with your parents and then complete it and submit it. The form will go to your CCHS Counselor.

    Advanced Placement (AP)& Optimal Academic Rigor in High School -

    Examples of AP and Honors sequence of courses available by grade level.

    CTE Major Pathway Course Awareness form

    Must be completed and returned to CCHS counselor for any student taking a level 3 Honors CTE course, or CTE internship, Advanced Studies, Apprenticeship or Nursing Fundamentals. Due on 2/12/21.

    Academic Waiver Form

    Needed for a student to register for a class in which they do not have the grade in the prerequisite class.

    Nurse Fundamentals Application

    Eligible Students: Rising Seniors who have completed Health Sciences I & II or currently taking Health Science II

    Step 1: Student Application Process:  Students should complete this online application and electronically sign and have parent sign with mouse this application by February 19th, 2021.  Make sure you hit submit.   The application is automatically sent to CentralCabarusCTE@gmail.com for our health science teachers to retrieve.

    Step 2: Teacher Recommendation Process: Once you have completed this application, please email Crystal Jones at Crystal.Jones@cabarrus.k12.nc.us and she will email you the online link for teacher recommendation.    You are required to send this link to your Junior English Teacher and one other CORE teacher (Science, Math, Social studies) to complete.   Mrs. Crystal Jones will ensure a recommendation is completed on the behalf of the health sciences department.   It's important to email her once you submit online application.  

    If you don't have the proper recommendations by February 19th, 2021, you application is null and void.    

    NF 21/22 Online Application Link (Required to Complete)


    NF 21/22 Student Application Rubric


Last Modified on March 29, 2021