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    This year in the HiRMS Bands, we will be using the SmartMusic System to help transform the way our students practice and learn. This interactive tool, used by music teachers across the country, enhances student learning and engagement, and provides a way to see dramatic improvement in student skills and enjoyment. With student's being more "plugged-in" than ever before, SmartMusic allows students to combine their love for music, video games, and technology in an interactive computer program.
    Click here to see a demonstration of SmartMusic in action. 
    As a student plays along with our music on, SmartMusic gives students immediate feedback on their performance by showing which notes and rhythms the student played correctly, which notes were played incorrectly, and most importantly, how and where the mistakes happened. Students are also able to hear their part in context with SmartMusic's background accompaniment with the full ensemble.




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    Students will have access to our SmartMusic computers before and after school this year to aid in their practice, and will complete most, if not all, of their playing tests on SmartMusic. Students can purchase and download a home subscription to SmartMusic for $40 per year. This will greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their practice, and will allow the teachers to tailor our instruction more closely to meet their needs.




    With SmartMusic, we have the ability to create and send assignments to each of our students. Since we can easily follow, document and grade their progress, individualized instruction and real-time evidence of student achievement all become a reality. Students can also practice and submit their playing tests from the comfort of their own homes, leading them to learn and explore at their own pace, track their progress, and most importantly take pride in the confidence they will feel, being better prepared. SmartMusic also has a free app for iPad so that your student can practice anywhere, anytime!




Last Modified on October 25, 2013