• Voluntary, Helpful Classroom Supplies



    Tissues and paper towels: Any and all will help tremendously, especially around season changes. Dispensers and rollers are also appreciated.




    Hand Sanitizer, Lysol Wipes, Lysol Spray: One can imagine the quantity and variety of pathogens existing in a middle school band room. Your contribution of these materials will help to keep your entire family healthy.




    Assorted Office Supplies: White Copy Paper, Pencils and Pens, Dry-Erase markers, erasers, and cleaning solution, Batteries (AAA, AA and 9V), Pop-Up/Post-It Notes, Poster Putty, Tape of all sorts (Scotch, Painters, Packing, Duct, Electrical, etc.), 2-Pocket Folders (for music and organization), super-glue, compressed air cleaners (for computers, keyboards, and woodwind keywork)




    Hardware: ¼” Masonry Bits ¼”x 1 ½” or longer Masonry Screws, machine and wood screws/bolts/nuts, Microfiber cloths, pipe snakes and soft bristle brushes of all sizes



Last Modified on October 25, 2013