• Recommended Brands/Models for Rental, Purchase, and Upgrade




    These recommendations, while specific, are in no way a comprehensive list of all the great instruments that are currently on the market. For every well-made, great sounding instrument, there are 10 models that are built with material, mechanical, and tonal flaws that will need constant, expensive repair, and will hinder the student's development and enjoyment. Therefore, making the smart investment in the best materials possible for your student will pay off dividends over their career as a musician. Purchasing these items also gives you the option of re-selling the equipment once the student has out-grown its use. Keep in mind that reputable brands can keep up to 2/3rds of their value. I encourage you to shop around for the best price, and to be wary of online auctions, as many instruments contain flaws that a picture cannot show, and may cost more to repair than you paid.

    If you ever have any questions about a piece of equipment, don't hesitate to email Mr. Blair



    Instrument Recommendations:


    Flutes: Yamaha (YFL-221 or 321), Jupiter (J-511 or 611), Gemeinhardt (2SP)


    Oboes: Fox (Renard series), Selmer (123 FB)


    Bassoons: Fox (Renard series)


    Clarinets: Buffet (B-12, E-11 or R-13), Yamaha (YCL-250 or 450), Selmer (SL-601, SL-301)


    Bass Clarinets: Yamaha (YCL-221 II), Selmer (1430 LP)


    Alto Saxophones: Yamaha (YAS-23 or 475), Selmer USA (AS-500 or 600), Jupiter (767GL or 969SG)


    Tenor Saxophones: Yamaha (YTS-23 or 475), Selmer USA (TS-500 or 600), Jupiter (787GL or 989SG)


    Trumpets: Yamaha (YTR-2330, 2335, or Silver Xeno), Bach (TR-500S, TR-200S, Silver Stradivarius), Jupiter (Capital)


    French Horns: Conn (8D), Holton Farkas (H281), Yamaha (567), Jupiter (Capital Single Horn)


    Trombones: Yamaha (YSL-354, 448G, or 640), Bach (TB-200 or 42), Jupiter (532L or 636)


    Euphoniums: Yamaha (YEP-321), any 3-valve practice Baritone


    Tubas: Jupiter (482S), any 3 or 4-valve BBb practice Tuba


    Percussion: Any standard Snare Drum/Bell Kit combination package by Pearl or Yamaha


    Clarinet and Saxophone Mouthpiece, Reed, Ligature Recommendations


    The closer the equipment is to the player, the more important it is. The mouthpiece, reed, and ligature work together to create the instrument’s tone. Step-up mouthpieces create better tones, are easier for students to control, and are made from better materials. The ligature holds the reed in place, and upgrades help students produce better tones.




    Mouthpiece- Yamaha (4C), Vandoren (B40 or 5RV), Fobes (Debut)


    Ligature- Rovner (Dark), Vandoren (Leather)


    Reeds- 2.0-2.5 Strength Vandoren or Rico Royal




    Mouthpiece- Yamaha (4C), Selmer (C*), Vandoren (V16), Fobes (Debut)


    Ligature- Rovner (Dark), Vandoren (Leather)


    Reeds- 2.0-2.5 Strength Vandoren or Rico Royal


    Brass Mouthpiece Recommendations


    In our program, any student who plays a school-owned instrument must provide his or her own personal mouthpiece for that instrument. We do this to cut down on the spread of germs throughout the band. There are many different sizes/designs of brass mouthpieces out there, but we recommend these brands that offer a large selection of sizes for the student's individual mouth shape, and will work well across the board.


    Trumpets: Bach, Shilke


    French Horns: Holton Farkas, Bach, Shilke,


    Trombone/Euphonium (Small Shank Size): Bach, Shilke, Yamaha


    Tuba: Bach, Helleberg, Yamaha, Shilke

    Recommendations for Percussionists

    Since our program prides itself on creating well-rounded Percussionists, we suggest that each student keep his/her own set of snare drum sticks, basic keyboard mallets, stick bag, and practice pad. Many companies offer pre-packaged sets for very reasonable prices, but you may also assemble your own kit, especially for students taking private lessons and/or participating in Percussion Ensemble. The following is a list of some suggested sticks and mallets that will work well for the Middle-School level:

    Snare Drum Sticks: Innovative Percussion IP-1 or IPJC

    Bell/Xylophone Mallets: Innovative Percussion F12 or OS 2

    Marimba Mallets: Innovative Percussion IP240

    Timpani Mallets: Innovative Percussion GT-3

    Stick/Mallet Bag: Innovative Percussion SB-3


Last Modified on October 25, 2013