• HiRMS Band Materials Requirements

    Students in the HiRMS Bands may play the following instruments:
    • Flute
    • Oboe*
    • Bassoon*
    • Clarinet
    • Bass Clarinet*
    • Alto Sax
    • Tenor Sax
    • Bari Sax*
    • Trumpet
    • French Horn*
    • Trombone
    • Euphonium*
    • Tuba*
    • Percussion**

    *=See Rental Information and School-Owned Instrument sections
    **= Auditions are held each year for Percussion, if an opening comes open, it will be re-auditioned 
    Each student playing Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, and Percussion will need to set up a rental program or purchase through one of the area music dealers, or may use an instrument already in the family. Oboe, Bassoon, Bari Sax, and Tuba players will be set up on a school-owned practice instrument schedule, as rentals are not available and supply is limited. Bass Clarinet, French Horn, and Euphonium rentals are only available through Music and Arts
    Rental Bass Clarinets, French Horns, Euphoniums, and Percussion kits are meant to be left at home for personal practice for the following reasons:
    • The HiRMS Band doesn't own enough instruments for each student to keep one of our instruments at home or for every student to take one of our instruments home to practice each night
    • It is impossible to grade all students fairly if a student doesn't have consistent access to a practice instrument
    • CCS Bus Safety Regulations (see below), and; 
    • Keeping families accountable for damages to equipment becomes impossible when an instrument travels out of our care, to 3 different homes each week 
    Students playing 
    Bass Clarinet, French Horn, Euphonium, and Percussion will only need to bring their mouthpiece/sticks and their method book to class each day. (See School-Owned Instruments and Fees below)
    Each student is expected to come to class prepared with all necessary equipment in working order each day.

    School-Owned Instruments and Fees: 

    The HiRMS Band owns and maintains a small inventory of instruments for use by students while at school and in performances with the band. These Instruments include 2 Oboes, 2 Bassoons, 4 Bass Clarinets, 1 Bari Sax, 8 French Horns, 8 Euphoniums, 8 Tubas, and various Percussion. Any students using a school-owned instrument must pay a $25 per semester/$50 per year Instrument Maintenance fee. This fee is standard across CCS Middle School Band Programs for the 2013-2014 school year. Students playing a rented, purchased, or borrowed Bass Clarinet, French Horn, or Euphonium may waive the $25/$50 fee if the family agrees to bring the instrument to and from school each day. Please email Mr. Blair to make arrangements if this will work better for your family. 

    Students playing Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, and Trombone, do not need to pay the School-Owned instrument fee, as they will simply bring their rented or purchased instrument back and forth to school each day.


    Even with each School-Owned instrument being used by multiple students, and with each of those students paying the fee, there will be no remainder at the end of the year, as a single French Horn chemical cleaning can cost in excess of $175. This fee will be posted on the HiRMS Website for online payment, or may be paid in regular installments by cash or check (made out to HiRMS) once school begins and all school-owned instruments have been assigned. Please email Mr. Blair for clarification, if needed.


    Bus Rider Consideration: 

    CCS Bus Safety policy states that: a) All instruments must fit in the student’s lap for the duration of a bus trip, and b) Any instrument too large to sit in the student’s lap may not travel on the bus. For this reason, bus riders who play Bari Sax and Tuba will be worked with on a case-by-case basis to determine a way to have equal access to a practice instrument. 

    Cabarrus County Schools Fine Arts Class Materials Fee:

    Across the CCS system, all students enrolled in a Fine Arts Class must pay a $10 Class Materials Fee. The money is used to purchase instrument repair/maintenance materials, sheet music, and to keep our SmartMusic technology subscription current. Please email Mr. Blair for clarification, if needed.

    Fee Payment Schedules:

    If it would work better for your family to pay its supply and/or instrument fees by spreading them out over the course of the year, you should contact Mr. Blair to set up a Weekly/Monthly payment schedule for your student. We will also do a fundraiser each semester that can be used to help build credit toward student fees and trips. If you are interested in participating with the Hickory Ridge Band Boosters to earn credit toward your student’s fees, please email Mr. Blair.

    Make sure that your rental/purchase comes with the following materials:

    All Students: A copy of The Yamaha Advantage method book for your student’s instrument. (Book 1 for beginner classes, Book 2 for 8th Grade Symphonic Band)

    Flute: Cleaning Rod and Microfiber swab
    Oboe/Bassoon: Cleaning Swab, cork grease, Emerald Medium/Medium Soft Reeds (at least two), Reed Case
    Clarinets and Saxes: Mouthpiece/Ligature, cork grease, cleaning swab, box of at least 5 reeds (2 or 2.5 strength, Vandoren or Rico Brand), reed case, neck strap for Saxes (optional for clarinets, but very helpful)
    Brass Instruments: Mouthpiece, mouthpiece cover and brush, Valve/Rotor/Slide oil, microfiber/lacquer cloth, bore snake
    Percussion: Snare/Bell Kit, practice pad, an Innovative Percussion FP-1 or equivalent package, which will have a pair of drum sticks, keyboard mallets, and a carrying bag. Make sure that the method book is for Combined Percussion, not Snare/Bass or Keyboard/Accessory Percussion.

    Optional Personal Materials:

    SmartMusic Home Subscription (See SmartMusic page), Tuner/Metronome Combo with microphone attachment (Will help student develop their ear and sense of time), foldable music stand (for home practice)

Last Modified on October 25, 2013