• For Grades 1-5, we will initially meet to review procedures and checkout for the first time.  After that, we will operate on an 8-day rotation schedule.  Kindergarten classes will progress through a book care/Media Center procedures unit prior to their initial checkout.   
    Kindergarten classes focus on book care, library/media center arrangement, and noted authors and illustrators.
    First Grade instructional units are built around the current year's nominees for the North Carolina Children's Book Award.  Voting takes place in March and we wait to hear the winner for all of North Carolina announced in May.
    Second Grade classes learn how to use our library software, Destiny/Destiny Quest to find books of particular interest.  We also explore the North Carolina Children's Book Award nominees and participate in statewide voting.
    Third Graders dig deeper into Destiny/Destiny Quest and explore other resources available to students, such as WebPathExpress, Bookflix and Trueflix.  We learn about the Super3, a research model.
    Fourth Grade classes become even more adept at navigating with Destiny/Destiny Quest and our online resources.  We focus on those with information about North Carolina (the focus of their social studies curriculum),  such as NCWiseOwl. 
    Fifth Graders explore resources to help them become more efficient and effective users of information.  In addition to delving deeper into our available resources, they learn to be responsible users of digital resources. 
Last Modified on August 22, 2017