• Trascripts

    Current CCHS Students needing transcripts prepared for the college application process or for scholarship applications should do one of the following in order to get a transcript:

    • Go to CFNC's Application Hub at https://www1.cfnc.org/Apply/To_College/_default.aspx and request a transcript be sent to your NC college. 
    • OR... submit a completed paper transcript request form (see it HERE or available in Guidance) to Mrs. Hill, guidance secretary. Transcript request forms for students under age eighteen must also have a parent signature.

      Watch this video from CFNC on how to send transcripts:

    • OR... your counselor will send it to the college if you are applying to college using CommonApp.org or SendEDU.

    -Cost: First 3 paper transcripts from Mrs. Hill (CCHS Registrar)= Free. After first 3= $5 each.

    Former CCHS Students  needing transcripts must go to THIS LINK and order their transcripts for employment background checks, college enrollment and continuing education.

Last Modified on December 3, 2018