• ACT Like the SAT, the ACT is a college-entrance-type exam. All 4-year colleges and Universities accept the results of the ACT for a student applying for admission.

    The ACT tests 4 subjects; English, Reading, Math and Science Reasoning (there is a separate Writing Test that is optional, though students should probably take it). ACT scores range from 1 to 36 on both subscores and composite (average) score.

    New in 2020/2021 for ACTonce you have taken a full ACT exam, you can choose to retake individual sections (English, Reading, Math, Science) in a future test. You no longer have to retake the whole test in order to try to boost one section's score.

    See www.collegedata.com for average SAT and ACT scores for admitted students to your desired college or university.

    Students wishing to register for the ACT may do so at

    HERE is a handy ACT to SAT conversion chart to help you see how your scores compare across tests.

    Students needing a fee-waiver for the ACT can get one from their School Counselor. A description of Fee Waiver eligibility can be found

    ACT 2021/2022

    Test Date

    Testing Location to CCHS

    September 11

    Hickory Ridge, AL Brown Kannapolis, Victory Christian Charlotte

    October 23

    Victory Christian Charlotte,  AL Brown Kannapolis

    December 11

    Hickory Ridge, AL Brown Kannapolis, Victory Christian Charlotte

    February 12

    Hickory Ridge, AL Brown Kannapolis, East Meck, Victory Christian Charlotte

    April 2

    Hickory Ridge, Cox Mill, AL Brown Kannapolis, Victory Christian Charlotte

    June 11

    Victory Christian Charlotte, 

    July 16

    Cox Mill, Victory Christian Charlotte

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Last Modified on September 13, 2021