• The Senior Strike - Class of 2021

    Get charged up, Seniors!

Senior Conferences

  • Senior Conferences

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Need To Know

Key Dates

  • August 17 - Last First Day!
    September 18 - First Yearbook Order Deadline
    December 14 - Senior Yearbook Ads Deadline
    May 25 - Virtual Senior Awards Event
    June 11 - Graduation @ 7:30 pm @ Charlotte Motor Speedway
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Early Graduation & Flexing

  • Early Graduation 

    Students eligible for early graduation must have completed all of their graduation requirements by the end of the first (fall) semester of their senior year.  These seniors do not attend high school for the second (spring) semester. Seniors requesting to graduate early must submit the online Schedule Change Form during the normal schedule change window. A student-parent-counselor conference is required for this option. Early graduates do not receive their high school diplomas until the graduation ceremony in June of their senior year.  Students who need evidence of graduation prior to the graduation ceremony may request a letter from the school counselor or principal stating that they have met all graduation requirements and are eligible for a diploma. 

    Some students may be interested in graduating from high school in three years instead of four. Students wishing to explore this option should discuss it with their school counselors as early in high school as possible but not later than the start of their junio year. A student-parent-counselor conference is required. 


    Students who have completed graduation requirements may have room in their schedules to flex (leave school) for one or more periods during their senior year.  As per Cabarrus County Schools Guidelines, students are limited to flexing a maximum of one course per semester or two courses per year. Flexing is only allowed for at the start or the end of the school day. Flexing is strongly discouraged for college-bound seniors. Seniors requesting to flex one or two courses must submit the online Schedule Change Form during the normal schedule change window. A student-parent-counselor conference is required for this option.

    Early Graduation & Schedule Flexing Handbook

    CMHS Flexing Expectations

Exam Exemptions

  • Please speak with your teacher about exam exemptions, as the normal policy has been impacted by pandemic response. Thank you.

Fee Waivers


  • Most college and scholarship applications will give seniors specific information on how to submit transcripts. Begin by carefully reading those instructions. After carefully reading that information, click on this link to learn about CMHS options for sending your transcript. 

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