• Academics
    When requesting a schedule change, please make sure you look at the academic prerequisite classes and grades needed for the course you are requesting to be added. If you have not met the prerequisites, we recommend that you take a different level of class.

    However, you and your parent can fill out an Academic Waiver in order to take the class for which you do not meet the prerequisites. By signing the Academic Waiver, you and your parent would be agreeing that you can handle that higher level class and its work load. You and your parent would also be agreeing that, if necessary, you would have a tutor or to work with the teacher individually to make sure you are successful in that class.

    Please print, fill out, and either fax the attachment below to 704-454-6579 or bring it to the Student Services Office at HRHS. The second page of the attachment tells you the prerequisites for specific courses.

     Academic Waiver Form


Retaking a Course for Credit

  • Failed Course

    As provided in State Board of Education Policy GCS-M-001, high school students who fail a course for credit may repeat that course.  To take advantage of this option, the student must repeat the entire course.  Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, when a student initially fails a high school course and successfully repeats the course for credit, the new course grade will replace the original failing grade for the course on the student’s transcript and in calculations of the student’s GPA, class rank, and honor roll eligibility.  The superintendent or designee may develop procedures for students to indicate their intent to repeat a course for credit under this paragraph and may establish any other rules as necessary and consistent with State Board policy.

    Repeating a Course for – Credit was NOT Earned  Request Form


    Passed Course

    High school students in Cabarrus County Schools may need to repeat a course for which they have earned credit in order to increase their understanding of the course content, to improve skill mastery, or to meet postsecondary goals. Students may repeat a course for which they have previously earned credit, subject to the following conditions:

    1. The student must make a written request within 30 days of the date printed on the report card to repeat the course.
    2. The principal or designee must approve the request.
    3. There must be space available after seats have been assigned to students who are taking the course for the first time or repeating a previously failed course.
    4. The course to be repeated must be a duplicate of the original class and must be taken during the regular school day at a high school in Cabarrus County Schools or through the North Carolina Virtual Public School during the regular school year. Summer NCVPS courses are not applicable to this policy.
    5. Upon completion of the repeated course, the new course grade will replace the student’s original grade on the student’s transcript and in calculations of the student’s GPA, class rank, and honor roll eligibility. The new grade will replace the original grade regardless of whether the later grade is higher or lower than the student’s original mark.
    6. Credit towards graduation for the same course will be given only once.
    7. A course may be repeated only one time.
    8. Students may repeat a maximum of four previously passed courses during their high school career.
    9. The repeated course must be completed within two semesters of the original course.
    10. Applies only to courses in the Fall of 2017 and forward only. Courses taken prior to this are not applicable for grade replacement.

    Repeating a Course - Credit was Earned Request Form

Last Modified on September 8, 2021