• Congratulations on making it to your senior year!  Please visit this page often to receive information relevant to being a senior, graduating, and post-graduation!

    Senior Assembly
    A senior assembly was held on Aug. 27th.  Please see the Senior Assembly Presentation for more detailed information!
    Senior Notes 
    Senior Notes will be sent out each month to the email address that seniors provide on their senior profile. This will begin in October. You will also find that information posted below. See the September Senior notes below for important announcements, events, and scholarship information. 
    It is very important that you also look for scholarships on your own that may apply specifically to you, your desired degree, or college.  Below are a few websites that may help with your search.
    Loans are another option to help students pay for higher education. It is crucial to make sure you choose the right tpe of loan for you, and to make sure you know everything involved with your loan before you sign on the dotted line. The links below explore the different types of student loans as well as important information to consider when deciding on the right loan for you. 
    Senior Conferences
    Senior Conferences will begin in September!  Remember to review your senior packet (given out at the senior assembly) and see your counselor if you have additional questions.  During each senior conference, we will distribute materials that help students with 4 and 2 year colleges admissions as well as military information.  See below for this attached information.
    Having Trouble Deciding?
    Try using a college comparison spreadsheet to organize your choices!
    Senior Parent Night Presentation
    Senior Parent Night will take place on Sept. 12th at 7:00 in the auditorium.  This presentation included important information about college applications, admission requirements, testing, NCAA eligibility, financial aid and scholarships!  See the main Student Services page for a copy of the presentation.


Last Modified on July 8, 2019